Sacred Spaces 292– “I use my lungs for everything but breathing”

Sacred Spaces 292– “I use my lungs for everything but breathing”
30 May 2011

Psalm 150: 6 “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.”

Last Saturday, whilst in a small village of Holland (Meije) I was lying on the steps of this small chapel with a large steeple looking up at the stars and having a moment with my Maker… to this past Saturday (the one that just passed) being in a crowd at least 10000 strong in West Sussex (United Kingdom), having yet another moment with my Saviour.

As we worshipped God with many great Christian artists leading us I was just so happy to step out of my “scheduled” life and meet with Jesus in an uninterrupted setting. I remember the pure breeze blowing over us and just felt God reminding me (and I am sure many others)… that He is alive and well.

This past weekend I want to an incredible Christian Music Festival called: Church Big Day Out.

I guess I wanted to write this particular SS to encourage you this week.

Starting with Dave Crowder Band;

“And He set me on fire and I am burning alive.
With his breath in my lungs I am coming undone.
And I cannot hold it in
Remain composed.
Love’s taken over me
So I propose the letting myself go.” (You are my Joy)

This band (if you don’t know them yet… get into them soon) from the first song of theirs that I heard “You’re everything” to their latest stuff… Dave Crowder’s lyrics have always tugged deeply within in my soul. His word usage is not typical and yet screams for attention in my heart, I’ve connected with God so many times in their songs.

Do not remain composed… express yourself to God. He is MIGHTILY good in your life. Stop to think about that.

Then seeing Newsboys was incredible, not really my style of music but I was thinking, if only people who listen to radio hits (pop and that stuff) would know about Newsboys. Very poppy and radio friendly; and I can even imagine dancing to some of their songs in clubs actually.

The original singer has left the band and Michael Tait (from DC Talk acclaim) is the new frontman.
A highlight was when the Newsboys ended off with a cover of DC Talk’s “Jesus Freak” and then Toby Mac came and joined in for the song. Toby Mac was also on the bill to play at the big church day out festival.

I was freaking out because this was like a history in the making moment. We really incredible privileged to see these 2 sharing the stage to sing a song in their history. (Later in the Toby mac set, Mr. Tait joined in for the DC Talk song: In the Light.). Wow, wow, wow!

Some lyrics that spoke to me from the various artists of the night:

Chris Tomlin
“Where you go, I’ll go
Where you stay, I’ll stay
When you move, I’ll move
I will follow…” (I will follow)

Toby Mac
“If you gotta start somewhere why not here
If you gotta start sometime why not now
If we gotta start somewhere I say here
If we gotta start sometime I say now
Through the fog there is hope in the distance
From cathedrals to third world missions
Love will fall to the earth like a crashing wave” (City on our knees)

Matt Redman
“Sing like never before, oh my soul” (10000 reasons)

Inspired by Psalm 103; let’s take a look: (Vs. 2) “Praise the Lord, o my soul, and forget not all his benefits…”
And just taking the action words (verbs) from the few lines that follow: forgives
Crowns you with love

And my friends, this is all still so true. I pray you soak in that truth again.
As we worshipped I thought of the Underoath song (You’re ever so inviting); the sing about how we use our lungs for everything about breathing. Think about it; we curse, we’re bitter, we talk bad about others, we destroy our lungs with smoke and drink and we talk so negatively. We belittle others. We hurt people with these lungs. We tell lies, we blasphemy and we misrepresent our Saviour so often.

We need to worship with our lungs again. Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord.
And then my friend Zoe (she blogs here: reminded me of this verse today from Colossians 3: 23: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.”

How true is that! Worship is more than a song, it’s a lifestyle too.
I was aware that hundreds of people gave their lives to Jesus, but I sincerely hope for all of us who worshipped there, did not just get caught up in the emotions.

Because as a youth pastor I have witnessed in my years of ministry how so often some young people “give their lives to God” so many times. Why so many times? So the times before, did they not really mean it?

In worshipping God, we move from the song, we move from the emotion and move to action, to a heart change.
God, how can I be a better child of You?
How can I glorify you in my school, college, university or work today?
How can I die unto myself today and be birthed in You?

This is what worship is.
Then I thought, in all that “giving their lives” (over and over), maybe that is exactly what we need to do each day, as we wake, we give our lives to Jesus over and over:

“God, this day, please take it and use it for your glory. I want to worship you in this day!”

I then just wanted to say to those Christians in small towns all over the world: “Hang in there, God is good and keep on worshipping in a BIG way in your small settings.”
You may feel at times, like you’re one in very few, but being at this big church day out, I just felt a sense of “big family” ness… if that makes sense? There is a bigger family always. You’re not alone in this faith; in following, discovering and worshipping God. Keep pressing on. Keep living for Him. You are far from alone!

I then wanted to say, I totally loved dancing unto God during Israel Houghton. Seriously, one of the best live shows (but so much more than a show) that I have been too in my little life.
Goodness, we gotta dance more in church.
For crying out loud, we should not be so reserved… but shake that… you know what I mean.

Because maybe when words fail, your dance can say the rest.

“Because when all is said and done and I am asked what I did with my time, I will say I spent it dancing with You, will You be my alibi?” (Blindside)

Thank you God for our daily breath… Breathe Him in this week:

“I know why You, never take your eyes off of me, I use my lungs for everything but breathing.” (Underoath)


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