Sacred Spaces 294– Dear Spire, what do you remember?

Sacred Spaces 294– Dear Spire, what do you remember?
13 June 2011

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Church Spires/Steeples International

United Kingdom
Northern Hemisphere
Planet Earth

To whom it may concern,

What is the point?

Dear Spire,

I see you have been around for many years. I see you and your friends are scattered all throughout England, Europe and South Africa.

On many of my visits to those lands I have noted you soaring above the rest of the town. I have been wondering something for a while now. What is your purpose and is your purpose to any avail now? Do the people notice you and remember a time? Do they know that you are still here to point them to a specific ONE?

Does your heart not weep when you see all these people passing by, taking pictures, yet missing the point? So close to you, yet so far from the truth.

I will admit wholeheartedly, you and many of your friends look incredible. Looking at your beautiful bodies made of wonderful stained glass windows depicting profound stories. Awe inspiring paintings and decoration fill your ceilings and walls. You have taken my breath away, more than once.

The way you stand taller than most buildings in your town, were you not to glorify the ONE in heaven.
Your reason for looking so majestic, was it not to point to ONE far greater than you?

I am far from perfect, but one thing I do during my travels and my daily living, when I meet you or come across one of your many friends scattered throughout the world; I consciously remind myself some things; am I right?

i) These buildings were built as worship to God. The stunning spires or steeples, point to heaven. Showing that all glory goes to God. Then the beautiful art and paintings and decoration inside, are there to bring honour to God and show tell a story of God and humanity.
ii) Worship is more than merely singing words on Sunday. Worship entails our whole lives. Worship can occur without the usage of words.
iii) When people gathered in these buildings many years ago, they met with their living Saviour. They worshipped along with the building.
iv) Yes, I know there is nothing “special or supernatural” about the building. BUT could it be that when people stepped inside, even before a word was spoken or sung, people sensed… that ALL GLORY MUST go to God?

I have a question to the first worlders, who came up with those incredible designs, who made you dear Spire, so well, have they forgotten? That once, many years ago… they led the world in faith and im following Jesus. (Many great Christian evangelists and world changers came from your shores.)

People have looked to the first world for many years to lead them in fashion, music, commerce, travel and inventions (among many other things).
But what about faith, what about Jesus?

Another thing oh dear Spire, I sense that many (and even I at times) have made a mockery of your temple (your body). We have missed the point drastically!
We spend hours in meetings discussing pews, flower rosters, material things with “sentimental values,” how the youth are always so loud and making a mess of the building, or how we as a church need to adhere to “health and safety” and we follow tradition wholeheartedly.

We are all so petty and worry too much about stepping on people’s toes, when we are supposed to be at the Saviour’s feet.
Where is His Spirit? Where is His life? Where are His arms and feet to the world outside your doors?
People outside are hungry
People outside and in are broken and lonely
People are lost and purposeless
People need Jesus!

So dear Spire, what do you propose we do?
I (and I am sure you too) would love people to know, to look to you and believe this:

– Without Jesus, we’re nothing.
– Jesus still heals and brings life.
– In Jesus, purpose and peace is found.
– Jesus can be worshipped with our whole lives.
– Jesus is greater than any tradition.
– Jesus is not contained in a building or only the heavens, but He lives inside of His people too.

My prayer dear Spire, is that those (including myself) who have forgotten their First Love, would go back to Him.

“Jesus, You alone, shall be my First Love.” (Tim Hughes)

One day at a time, people will take steps back, I know that well. Jesus, make yourself known!

Yours in Christ,


I was inspired by this church called the Simple Way. Read about the church in this blog here:
The Simple Way


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