Sacred Spaces 315– Not seeing the Northern Lights (I see)

Sacred Spaces 315– Not seeing the Northern Lights (I see)
24 November 2011
(SACRED SPACES is 7 years old today! my first SS can be found here: Sacred Spaces 1

Part 1 – Not Seeing

On Sunday night and Monday I was really disappointed.
I didn’t get to see the Northern Lights.
I felt really gutted.
It’s been a dream of mine for so long.

After 3 nights of bad weather in Iceland (rainy conditions), we were unfortunate to not see them.
On Sunday night, we were given a glimmer of hope when we were told that “the Northern Lights” tour would take place.
We drove out to the good spots to try and see them.
Yet to no avail!

I had been praying and asking God for so many weeks and months to see them and so after not seeing them, I just felt really hurt and sad.

And I have been asking God what to I learn from this?

My friend, Clint said: It’s funny how that Sunday night when we lay under the “millions” of stars, that most of us there probably did not see the evident beauty right above us: those countless stars…

He was right.
I have seen so many beautiful things already!
YES, and I know God smiles on my desire to see more. (He put that there)

I thought of the whole “hide and seek” approach to this. Like God “teasing” me with all His beauty and splendour He wants to reveal to me. (I will keep chasing!)
God has lots of beauty He wants to reveal to each one of us, but at His right time.
I will not give up.
He has set “travel and seeing beauty” in my heart and even though I am moving back to SA and Iceland is a lot further away, I will not give up on the dream.

People of God don’t give up on God given dreams
And at the same time, people of God, focus on the God who places the dream within their hearts more than the dreams themselves.

It reminded me of the story of Moses and God.
Moses asked God to see His glory. Exodus 33: 12 – 23

And God responded with saying He would give Moses a glimpse of His glory.
I have had many glimpses so far.
So have you.
We should stop and celebrate that.

I felt a little bit like a spoilt brat.
I felt like I needed to look outwards and see:

I know some families in SA, who pray to make months end.
I know of many people who stay in tin shacks in SA.
I know of families going through crisis.

And I, being too upset about not seeing the Lights, hmmm

Perspective is a beautiful thing.

Part 2 – I see

I then changed my “not seeing” to focus on what I do and the call God has placed in my life.

I see young people who are lonely
I see young people who are broken inside.
I see fatherless homes.
I see absent parents
I see bruised souls.
People looking for love in all the wrong places
I see people longing to be noticed
I see ugly deeds done by selfish people
I see real evil in the world:
Where lust is rampant, malicious words are spoken
Deceit leads, broken friendships
A lack of trust, a breakdown in communication
I see people merely “existing”
I see people wasting their lives away by drinking and smoking and just “escaping” their boring lives.
I see heartache.
I see confusion.
I see people so angry. They hit, the curse, they blame.
I see abuse: mental, physical.
I see poverty.
People who don’t have shelter
People who don’t have enough food on their plate
I see people who are afraid.
I see the hell that young people have to live in.
I see that things are not well here.
I see that this is not how God intended it to be.

I see the world has wounds and it needs a “plaster”
I see the world needs a Saviour.
I see that Jesus can heal the wounds
I see that Jesus can restore things
I see that Jesus brings hope
I see forgiveness and freedom in Him

With a week till I leave Bicester (and UK), and in going home; I see (and am humbled a lot) that God wants to use (little) me to help in His world.

I don’t have the formula
I don’t know all the right words

YET I am grateful that God would invite me to serve Him.
I pray I would “SEE” the world the way He does and start being His hands and feet in the “area of influence” that He gives me.

Open the eyes of our heart, Lord.


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