Sacred Spaces 320– Soul surfing and seeing Him (this one is about worship)

Sacred Spaces 320– Soul surfing and seeing Him (this one is about worship)
10 January 2012


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I finally watched Soul Surfer this past weekend on my first youth camp of my new church, St Martins.
(It was super cool to meet my new youth and have a rad camp with them. Looking forward to serving God here)

The movie was inspiring in many ways. Based on a true story, these are some thoughts that I had:

i) Philippians 4: 13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. The girl in the movie quoted this scripture. The basic storyline is that her one arm is eaten by a shark. So she decides after the attack to keep on surfing, one handed. Now trying to duck dive a wave with one arm, is really difficult. But she didn’t stay too long playing victim of her circumstance. Instead she moved to victor. And learned to live life with one arm. I was moved and challenged. You know what, life can be difficult but we can go to God and He will give us the strength to endure.
ii) What I also liked about the movie being a Christian one was the portrayal they gave of Bethany Hamilton. In the movie she got annoyed and frustrated. And you know what, she still remains a Christian. You see, we as Christians, we’re not superhuman or anything. We have normal emotions and we’re not above life or anything. But being a Christian we know we are saved by God’s grace and that leaves us free from condemnation and adds purpose to our lives here on earth. We have a beautiful identity and destiny.
iii) Us, Christians we’re not above people. Yet God in His mercy walks with us in our daily lives; as we discover more and more of Him and life in Him.

On Sunday Night, I went to my first evening service in my new church as a member of staff. It was awesome just to worship. A song that really moved me was: I see Your face

For the last 3 churches I have worked in I have always had a large role to play in the evening service from organising worship, refreshments, preachers, notices and whatever else needed to be done.

Now Sunday, I just got to be, got to worship. Got to meet with God in an undisturbed way…

Well, not quite… in me I battled with “planning in my head.” Just thought of ideas of what I could suggest to add to the service. My brain is always on “ideas mode” and well, I just felt convicted and challenged to stop that.

I felt in that moment that in this setting and in this chapter of my life; maybe God wants me to just worship Him… To get back to a heart of worship; undisturbed worship

And in that place of worship, God will mend some stuff in my life. Challenge me. Teach me and mature some aspects of my relationship with Him.
Because that is what I really need right now!

Yes, in other areas (youth ministry) of this chapter, God will use me to reach His people.
Yet, in this place of worship on Sunday Nights… worship will lead me to meeting with Him.
And in I, showing my allegiance and also letting Him refresh this heart.

Because as a reminder to all of us; when we truly worship a few things could/does happen:

i) Walls fall down (Jericho – Joshua 6)
ii) Our belief in Him grows.
iii) The words we sing tell us of our God
iv) Worship by song leads us to worship by action.
v) Worship concretes truths about Jesus.
vi) Worship convicts.
vii) Worship restores our souls.

When last have you had undisturbed worship?


How I love fresh starts
God, help me to walk in that freshness
I don’t want to have to “re-start”
Stepping in rhythm with You
How fresh my soul would be


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