Mark my Words (In preparation for Lent)

5 years ago, I wrote a poem on Ash Wednesday. I was reminded of it recently and thought it would be good to share it with you… in approaching Lent. (If you are using this time to focus, all the best, I pray you will draw deeper and closer to God)

Mark My words (Ash Wednesday)
22 February 2007

“They” like placing marks on me
Marks that tend to remain…
If I do badly, they mark me with low marks
They mark me sinner
They say I’m unworthy

And I’m seeing that “they” have marks
of their own…
Marks that they know don’t what to do with
So they point out other’s marks

God, I’ve got many marks
Marks that make me feel unworthy…
Unwanted… unnoticed…

And this very night
The man in front places a different kind of mark on me
A mark to remember
The marks You carry
Those marks on Your wrists and ankles…

Marks that mark me forgiven
Marks that say that I am worthy
Oh God, I’m sorry I placed those marks on You…
And I hear You say back to me:
“Mark My words, child you are mine.”


5 thoughts on “Mark my Words (In preparation for Lent)

  1. Well done – you are getting yourself so organised with your website etc. – maybe you can give me some pointers ! Modern technology is sometimes confusing and a bit of a mystery to this ” old toppie” (me) ! As ypu know, I have been writing poetry for years and really need to start sharing it too !

    Go well, and may God’s favour take you into wonderful places in Him you have not known before.

    Lots of love

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