Sacred Spaces 150 – An odd fetish for subject lines

I decided today to post 3 older posts. (Its been interesting to see the journey I have had over the years. Reading these Sacred Spaces, 150, 183 and 193, I smiled at how differently God always sees things.)

Sacred Spaces 150 – An odd fetish for subject lines
6th May 2008

Call me odd if you like… I don’t mind… haha!
But I have this odd interest (fetish) for subject lines in emails and Facebook messages. What I mean is when I send out messages I like to try think of an intriguing “subject line” to head up my message.
Why? Why do I do that? Well, just for fun… BECAUSE fun didn’t kill anyone!
However I don’t mind a simple “hello,” “hi,” or “hey there” in message titles either… that’s allowed… of course… anything is allowed… but sometimes I have got these messages… with no title, no subject line… surely something could have been written instead of leaving it blank… maybe it just laziness… hmmm? (Don’t be lazy ya’ll!)

But I have also been thinking for awhile… that in our routine world, it is indeed fun and liberating to add a bit of “fun and intrigue” to the usual things we do.

However I thought even further… about this Christian life… about this awesome love we have inside from God… we need to “market” it… we cannot keep it quiet… we got to tell the world about this life changing love, this ‘freeing from guilt’ grace and this awesome joy we have inside.

A while back a whole bunch of emo (A music genre) bands such as: Taking Back Sunday, Fall Out Boy, Gravity Wins Again and Underoath came out with interesting and intriguing song names such as:

“It’s dangerous business walking out your front door”
“Our lawyer made us change the name of this song so we wouldn’t get sued”
“Cute with the “E” (cut from the team)”
“Sticks, stones & Third Degree Burns”

Interesting hey? Intriguing indeed… these titles get people interested and wondering about what the muso’s may be singing about in those odd named songs.

Also look at some Christian literature that has some “catchy” titles:

“What’s so amazing about grace?” (Philip Yancy)
“The Chronicles of Narnia” (CS Lewis)
“Sex God” (Rob Bell)
“The Town Called Potential” (Jack Vandermere)

It’s a good marketing strategy! It’s a great hook?

Hook = something fishermen use. Hmmm, didn’t Jesus instruct His disciples to be “fishers of men?”

So what hooks do you use in your faith?

How do you market the truth? And note I use the word truth. Don’t go and tell people that to follow Jesus and to become a Christian makes life easy… that’s a lie! Following Jesus is tough, it’s difficult… it’s stepping onto a battleground.

I had this thought after reading through: John 17: 15 “My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one.”

Why did Jesus bother praying that for us, His modern day disciples? What do we need protection from? And I mean that! Does evil even see us as a threat? Or do we mingle too easily in the world… we look like the rest of the world…

Where is your hook as one who needs “market” the life giving truth of Jesus?
Where is that catchy “subject line” that gets people talking?

If Jesus is that amazing we need to tell the world. It would be selfish not too!
Matthew 5: 16 talks of “shining our lights before men, so that they see your good deeds… and praise your Father in heaven”

“In a world where everyone is just shining their light in the conventional (un-marketing way) wouldn’t we just look like every other city of lights?”


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