Sacred Spaces 183 – Of fear, of bravery, of searching, of life

Sacred Spaces 183 – Of fear, of bravery, of searching, of life
20th January 2009

God always arrives at the right time. However, in fact He was never away in the first place.
This SS is similar to a journal entry.

As I think aloud, may you learn something of fear, bravery, searching and of life.
By the way, I don’t share my heart for you to feel sorry for me, but as I pondered on what to write this week, I was convicted in my heart to write this:

I was sitting on the tube (Underground Train Line) off to visit my cousin for dinner and on the way, God spoke to me through a great book called: the town called potential (Jack Vandermere)… (I recommend you go and read it…very inspiring!)

And over the last few days I have been thinking about faith, fears, holding onto promises, etc…

My life in South Africa was blessed! I had an awesome church, awesome ministry, I loved (and still do) my youth so much. The weather was awesome, surfing life was great, I worked on the radio… doing a rock show that I thoroughly enjoyed.  I played bass guitar for our church worship band.  I was playing squash, I had a cool life.  I had met some awesome people.

But I knew God had called me overseas.  I left all of that because I felt God’s command to me was: “Step onto a plane and land in London.”

That was the only instruction that I had from Him.  I have obeyed.  I feel like Abraham, a father of old (in Genesis) who leaves his land of familiar and heads off to a foreign land because God told him too.

I have a diploma in theology, but in the business (or secular world [a rather annoying term, but seems fitting here]) that may not be well received.
In a place, where the word “church” on CV may scare off people… this is where I find myself.
A little afraid, what am I to do with my life?  Not just career; but what is my life calling?

In South Africa, I felt that every day I was making an impact, and now, over here, what difference am I to make? Or could it be that God wants to first work in my life?

Then I recall promises I had in a conversation with God (in my Quiet Times) last year.
I was confident that God will go with me overseas, He will provide for my needs.  Yes, that God that I came to know in the world of the church; He is so alive and well in the entire world.

Someone said to me, when people get to UK, they struggle to hold onto religion… well I don’t want to hold onto religion; I am going to hold onto God.  Not because He is a crutch, but because He is real.

Entirely and utterly and convincingly real!  I would be ‘real’ stupid to let go and forget that crucial truth.
I want to encourage you, if you’re in an impossible place or situation, hold onto the promises of God.  Hold onto His reality.

Know that Psalm 24: 1 “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it.  The world and all its people belong to him”

I want to end off with a quote from the book and some of the chapter that helped me.

“We find our hero where all who desire to walk the high road of the calling of Christ will often find themselves: facing closed doors.  These are the seasons of our life when we have to go through what wise people of ancient times have described as ‘the dark night of the soul.’  We will be wise to notice that saints of all ages have talked about this way of God with His children to allow them to go through seasons of dryness:

‘Sometimes you shall find yourself so absolutely destitute of all feeling of devotion that your soul shall seem to be wild, fruitless, barren desert, in which there is no trace of a pathway to find her God, nor any water of grace to refresh her, on account of dryness which seems to threaten her with total and absolute desolation.’                                                          Francis de Sales

The dark night of the soul will lead us on to what seems to be the darkest and most forsaken deserts man can enter.  And yet, these are the holiest of places a pilgrim can arrive at on the journey of the spirit.”

Hold on!  Jesus, light of the world is always here.


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