Sacred Spaces 193 – Part 2: Searcher (An interesting conversation)

Sacred Spaces 193 – Part 2: Searcher (An interesting conversation)

31 March 2009


(Hello there, I am off to South Africa for the next 3 weeks for my brother & Chane’ s wedding.  So Sacred Spaces will return at the end of April)


So welcome to part 2.  Last week, we spoke about “you, the discoverer” and now this week… I share an interesting story I heard:


One morning I met this guy and as I looked at him face to face I asked him to tell me his story.  (Because every person we meet have a story to tell)  This is how his story went:


He told me that in the past month he had learnt some valuable lessons about life, himself and God.  He told me he was working in a “so called” menial job.  But somehow in that place he told me of how his mind raced and how he had some good opportunities to think about faith and a new way of viewing life.

This man worked in a fabric factory.  He said that throughout the day he would pick rolls of fabric, scan them and then place it in a trolley for the cutters.

I was thinking, “Wow, that job could be very boring!”  But he told me some things of how he made the most of the job that he worked at…  His story continued:


He said of how at first he was bleak to be working in a place like that.  He then said that as a Christian, he promised God to trust Him and go wherever God would have him go.  Thus he gritted his teeth and decided to make the best of the opportunity at hand.

He numbered the lessons and blessings he had during that month and a bit of work; here they are:

1)    When he rode the bus to work, he sat at the top in the front and loved how the sun would shine on him.  He felt as if God was warming him up both literally and figuratively as he travelled to work.

2)    He then had a chance to save cash… by riding to work.  And on his bicycle; he felt the crisp breeze and after riding to work and then back home at the end of the day.  He realised he was blessed to be doing exercise and feeling alive after his rides.

3)    Among the aisles of fabric this guy was thankful that he could listen to his iPod.  The many songs that he heard became the soundtrack to his life.   He spoke of how it felt like God was “singing” to him through the words he heard in those songs.  You see this man loves music, it’s like his religion and Jesus is his God.  So in his place of work this guy got to sing and worship God.   (Yes, in the workplace…sneaky)

4)    Then he told me of he would listen to podcasts on his iPod.  (Podcasts are downloaded sermons.)  And well after listening to so many sermons he said of how he had fallen more in love with God.  He said it like this: “The more I hear these preachers, preach of God, I am more and more convinced of the goodness of God.  I have learnt more about grace.  I have also learnt to trust God more and to ‘step up to the plate’ more often in my faith and to delve deeper along this Christian journey.  Many people tend to just scratch at the surface.  I want to go deeper with God.  I feel from listening to the songs and sermons; God is strengthening the foundation of the calling over my life.”

5)    He also told me of how on his last day, he actually was a little sad to leave work.  He had grown attached to these people.  He himself had been guilty of classing these factory people.  Yet those people he worked with, although quite different to him, some of them were a good example of hospitality and grace.  (All people can teach you a lesson.)


His 2 last lessons got me reflecting the most…

(I’m sure there were more lessons, but these are the last 2 he shared with me that day)

1)    Look at the colours.  “Yes”, that’s what he had said to me.  He told me of the vast array of colours around him on a daily basis.  The fabrics that he picker were all of different colours and it felt to him as if he were going back to prep school, learning colours (haha), yet it had got him thinking of the colours of life.  Look at the colours.

He told me of how he wondered how many colours we missed on a daily basis.  From what people wear, to the crazy hairstyles we see.  He then told me of the great paintings of colours God places in our lives.  Do we ever stop in awe and gratitude of these colours?  Think about it:  When last have you stopped at a beautiful garden of flowers and thought: “Wow, God!” Or how about when those pretty colourful birds perch in your garden or just flutter by… why did God create them with such colours?  Just because He can… and more so…  He didn’t want us to live in a dull world.  Or have you considered the sunrise and sunsets?  The shades of red, blue, orange, yellow and even purple that so often stretch across the sky and we frequently just brush that sight off…but God with His brush painted that across the sky for you and I.  There is beauty in colours.  Will you begin to notice the colours around you?  (Wow, what a lesson.)

2)    “I will search for you” (says God)

This fabric picker told me of how over time he got to know the different types of fabric and how he could tell what most of the colours were.  He then said of how, at times when he couldn’t find a fabric because it was hidden among the other fabric rolls (or maybe he was too short, haha); he would then get a ladder and look carefully from above and find the roll of fabric that he was looking for.  (You see each piece of fabric had its own identity code.)  He said this reminded him of how God searches for us.  And how we are all different to God, but God knows us individually and He always knows where to find us.  He also referred to of how God looks “from above” in our lives.  We only have a linear view and only see what lies ahead of us.  However God can and does see what’s behind the present time/situation we see.

This got me thinking of 2 verses:

“I will not forget you.  See, I have written your name on my hand.” (Isaiah 49: 15 & 16)

God has a lot of tattoos’ (haha).  On a serious note, He knows each of us intimately.

“I will search for my lost ones who strayed away and I will bring them safely home again.  I will bind up the injured and strengthen the weak.” (Ezekiel 34: 16)

So last week, we pondered of how we must discover more and more of God.  And this week through this man’s story, we discover how God searches for us.  (Oh, for the unending reach of grace.)

I said at the beginning that I met this guy in the morning who told me his story.  That guy I met was the person I saw as I stood facing the mirror.  I realised it must be lunacy to talk to a mirror…




Happy Easter!

I will be back in 3 weeks.


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