Sacred Spaces 345 – The 4 Classical Elements (Earth)

Sacred Spaces 345 – The 4 Classical Elements (Earth)
21 August 2012

(I love how ideas come to me.  I was driving back to Durban North from Toti, listening to a song by Glenn Packiam: (Burning in me).  Then I thought of the 4 classical elements: earth, air, fire & water.   So I thought I would write about each one over the next 4 weeks.  Maybe you will find a lesson or encouragement from these musings.)

Let’s look at the earth.  What does scripture say?

–       Psalm 24: 1: “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it.”

This is one of my favourite verses; we tend to act like we “own things” and “control things” yet God is far above that idea.  I dig it. (Excuse the pun)

–       Isaiah 6: 3: “The whole earth is full of His glory.”

So true!
I tend to repeat this line often (But I will gladly remind you often): “from sunrises to sunsets, to the breaking of waves, the chirps of hundreds and hundreds of birds, the array of colour in flowers, the snow covered mountains, the trunk of an elephant to the shell of a tortoise.  To lives being changed, forgiveness shown and a person understanding more of God… to God be the glory!  Amen!

–       Isaiah 40: 21, 22: “Have you not understood since the earth was founded?  He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth and its people are like grasshoppers.”

So was it Columbus who went to the “edge” of the earth to see if people would fall off it?
Brave He was.  But silly too!
Was not this scripture written, long before his great discovery that the earth was in fact round?

People could have gone straight to the book of Isaiah and see what God says: “He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth”.  Did you see the word? Circle?  So scripture itself says the world is a circle.

Hmm, was the big voyage necessary then?
For adventure – yes!
For discovery – not necessarily!

–       Keep the earth clean:

I don’t know if there is a scripture about this; well I’m sure there is one in Genesis that says we should be good stewards of the earth…  So I guess “not littering” falls under that.

I share this brief story.  A few years back I lived in France for the winter.  On one of our “days off” my roommate, Tom and I and a few other friends went skiing/boarding around the slopes.  We brought some beer with us.  What a nice way of having a day off.  Some drinks with friends under the glorious sunshine boarding down the most incredible slopes in the Alps.

When out bottles were empty, my friend Tom said he would look after them.  He didn’t notice, but I saw that he just threw them away on the side of the piste (ski slope).  I stopped and moaned at him: “How dare you just litter, like that in such a beautiful place.”  I then trudged back up the slope to fetch the bottles and I carried down on me to the next rubbish bin.

He was embarrassed but I hope he learnt a lesson that day.  This earth is beautiful.  God made it.  (Even if he wasn’t a believer of God), he still has a duty to keep this world tidy.

My pet peeve is people who say they love Jesus and yet they litter.  (I know that sounds judgemental), because that can be used in many instances.  Those who say they love Jesus yet they liar… lust… steal… hurt…

I know I know… Just sharing that, it’s one of my pet peeves.
With all these reminders of the earth, may you look to our marvellous God and fall at His feet and live inspired and grateful.


Each ground I tread on
This dust upon my feet
Reminds me that all this earth is Yours
I leave footprints on the ground
Will you leave footprints
On our hearts?


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