Sacred Spaces 346 – The 4 Classical Elements (WIND)

Sacred Spaces 346 – The 4 Classical Elements (WIND)
30 August 2012

(I love how ideas come to me.  I was driving back to Durban North from Toti, listening to a song by Glenn Packiam: (Burning in me).  Then I thought of the 4 classical elements: earth, air, fire & water.   So I thought I would write about each one over the next 4 weeks.  Maybe you will find a lesson or encouragement from these musings.)

I am going to write about this classic element: Air using the word: WIND.
I am sitting in this trendy and quirky little coffee shop slash book store called: The Book Boutique, writing this week’s SS.  What a cool place!
Surrounded by words and chapters and pages and shelves and many stories I muse some things:

I sit here seeing the sea in front of me.  The beauty of it makes me smile.
I feel alive, I feel strangely free.
I feel redeemed and forgiven and in a new place.
Spring is approaching and comes with that spirit of newness.
In closed and opened doors- I see that my life is where it’s meant to be.
In trials and hurdles and then to glorious moments, I am glad this is my life.
Through the kindness of a shop worker- reducing the price of a service he did for me.
How I have felt so close to my family; knowing without a doubt of their love and care and respect and support of me to old friends and new friends who have stepped up alongside me… this is my life as Switchfoot sang.
Being at their show a few weeks back, Jon Foreman (the lead singer) spoke into my life’s situation. Uncanny! (I love that word)
The quotes that I receive daily, the one I saw on the notice board earlier.
Seriously, how people have just been so welcoming towards me.
With setting suns and memorable scenes with my brother and the rest of my family and
To a book I finished reading recently.
I feel him close to me.
Being thankful for my health and a moment to stop and count my blessings.
The world-wide massive of friends and family I have.
Remember these words from P.O.D. (came out a few years ago) “Every day is a new day, I am thankful for every breath I take.”
Do you some time feel your life is being watched?  That you are indeed noticed and care for?
Do you ever feel like you belong?  That this world we live in despite the mess is actually a wonderful place filled with every day beauty.
Sometimes things can be upside down.  That’s true.  But I am learning to look and see life with a different perspective, a different set of eyes.
It’s hard to explain, it’s sometimes closer than my skin, and sometimes further than the stars (paraphrase of a Delirious’ song)
Do you feel it?

Maybe you had noticed or maybe you didn’t; I did not mention God or Jesus in this SS, however like this verse suggests:

John 3: 8 “The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”

Jesus is not insecure.  He doesn’t need his NAME stamped everywhere.  He is there already, even without the “Jesus sticker” like this song by Third Day reminds us:

Like the wind that blows no one really knows
From where it comes or where it goes
So it is with Your Holy Spirit Lord
Falling down on us to show that
You’re everywhere
Like the rain that’s falling
You’re everywhere
Like the wind that’s blowing
You’re everywhere
Like the sun that’s on my face
I feel the warmth in Your embrace
You’re everywhere

My Lord, now I truly know
That I could never go from Your presence (Third Day – You’re Everywhere)

To listen to the song click on this link below and it will magically transport you to a very far away land full of melodies and rhythms (picture me prancing around in my fairy outfit as I right that):


Its blows on my face
It beats in my heart
Sometimes close
Sometimes far
Life is fragile
Life is strong
Held together
By You
On that we can trust


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