Sacred Spaces 348 – Cars, Cellphones and common sense.

Sacred Spaces 348 – Cars, Cellphones and common sense.
18 September 2012

I couldn’t find it in the bible.  It’s not there. But now what?  Would Jesus have anything to say about cellphones and driving?
I just felt that I needed to write about this.  It may not have any particular biblical standing… but hear me out anyway:

Here is a little test (don’t freak out) for you:
i)             Do you ever find that when you are driving, you become annoyed because the person in front of you has slowed down or they   may take off to sluggishly at the traffic lights; and then when you overtake them you notice that they’re on their cellphones?  Grrr
ii)            Or have you ever noticed that you’ve convinced yourself of your talent with the line: “I can drive andtext at the same time”?
iii)          Or do you find your cellphone on your lap as you drive and that occasionally (quite often actually) you glance to see who so badly needs to hear from you?

This is not rocket science!
And this is not about me pointing fingers at all.

I write about things, that God convicts me of.
I can say over the last 2 months, I have actively worked on this.
When I get in my car, I place my phone out of sight and I drive.
Why do people find it necessary to look at bbm / whatsapp or whatever else whilst driving?
Do people think the world will not spin or the world will shut down if they don’t immediately reply?

Seriously, there is not scripture… but I kinda believe all my heart, Jesus would tell us:
“Stop being stupid and get off your phones!!!”
Maybe He would have more tact?  Or maybe not?

Anyway, I thought about this: we know a lot of accidents are caused by drunken driving, pedestrians crossing the highway, but now also if we looked at statistics we would see that often an accident is caused by people using cellphones while driving.
We pray: “Jesus, why did this happen?  Why did this person have to die or be seriously injured?”
Sometimes the answer is in our own folly: “Why were we driving and looking at our phones?”

Could our time of driving be used for something else?
Mainly, getting to our destination?

Other things we could do that are far less dangerous and destructive…
–       Use the time in your car to pray.  (Pray with your eyes open though.)
–       Use it to sing along or appreciate good music.  (Did I say I love the invention or inclusion of USB ports in car stereos?  Woohoo!)
–       Or if you like stories, listen to audio versions.  (I have a friend who does that.  Inspiring actually.)

We live in times where we are often so attached to our cellphones and technology; so why not be appreciative of the SPACE and gap you can have in your car from that.
And refraining may even save your life!
Just a thought or two…

In conclusion, for those who want a biblical reference, how about this one from James 1: 5 “If any of you lack wisdom, he should ask God who gives generously to all…”

How practical is that?!
And how wise is it to not use your phone whilst driving!!!

It’s as if we make the world go around
We’re so “busy”
Look to our phones
We constantly “need to help someone
Balance our lives
Leave the cellular distraction
To focus on You
And be present


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