Sacred Spaces 349 – Where do birds sleep at night? (Why I do what I do?)

Sacred Spaces 349 – Where do birds sleep at night? (Why I do what I do?)
26 September 2012

Do you ever come out after a movie walking/darting around as if you are the main actor?
It can’t just be me who does that.
I just finished watching The Bourne Legacy… Wow! (Go and watch that movie…its epic!)
I walked back to my car as if someone was watching my every action.  (Just like there was always someone tracking Aaron Cross)
Well, I thought, our lives actually are like that.  There is One that watches over our lives.  He neither slumbers nor sleeps.

Then at home, I stood outside sipping on my coffee gazing up at the night time sky.
The moon, although not full, is bright out tonight.
I spy the glimmering stars.
I hear running water nearby.
I also hear in the distance dogs barking around the various neighbourhoods.
I feel the dew on the grass below my feet.
I note the pink flowers under the light of the moon.
I can smell the foliage around me.
It’s as if I can hear that the earth is breathing.
I feel the earth is alive.
I ponder my own rhythmic breathing.
I am alive.
Lyrics echo in my mind: “Every day is a new day, I am thankful for earth breath, I won’t take it for granted.” (P.O.D)

I then noticed that the birds tonight seemed awfully quiet.  Where is that night jar I usually hear most nights in my new hood?
Then, I wondered: “Where the heck do all the birds sleep at night?”
All those birds I hear and spot every single day, there is loads of birds?
Do they each book a tree?  Or do they perch together?
I don’t really know.
I just mused at the massive extent of things I don’t know.
I then smiled that the One behind it, introduces Himself to me.
He steps into my world.
He makes Himself known.

There is so much to know,
I know a small amount.
I am grateful for the things I have learnt,
And for the things that I will learn…
BUT life is much huger than I am.
God is still so mysterious to me.
And I am okay with that.
I will keep going on and discovering…

I love my God
I love my Jesus for what He has done and who He is in this life and world.
I realise it’s not “my” but ours.
Even though I don’t see it all, or sometimes don’t understand it all
I love that I know with all my heart that God is real

I love people
I love connecting with them
I love seeing how they are set free
Free from their sins
Free from their guilt
Free from stereotypes
Free from “unhealthy restrictions”
I love the fact that God will use me to teach of and show (at times), the abundant life that Jesus invites us to: “I have come that they may have life and life to the full.” (John 10: 10)

I love God’s ideas:
The amazing imagination of human beings.
How authors come up with the most beautiful and amazing stories.
How one can literally sit on the edge of their seat watching an action packed movie.
How beauty stirs something within us.
How I feel so giddy inside when I see the beautiful skylines of clouds and the setting (or rising) sun twirling together.

How songs transport my mind to other times of my life and sceneries.
How I have a memory packed with amazing times and even hard times.
How this little head of mine stores a brain so magnificent.
And it all…
It all is,
God’s idea…

I am alive
This I know
For my heart tells me so
Jesus loves me
This I know
For the bible tells me so
I am grateful
I want You to know
This I tell You so


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