Sacred Spaces 350– Sometimes we love You this much…

Sacred Spaces 350– Sometimes we love You this much…
3 October 2012

1 October 2012
Sometimes a whisper is not quiet enough
Sometimes a shout is not loud enough
Driving down to my weekly dancing classes in Durban last night
Again, I see the splendour of the setting sun and a collage of colours splashed along the skyline
Red, purple, orange, blue and white all mingled together
I express my love to You
In my car
Despite my shortcomings
Please see my heart,
It is bursting for You
Be patient with me
But I know without a doubt
There is love in my heart for You

2011 – Last Quarter
A group of teens and a few adults (called Absolute – their youth group name)
Saved some pounds
Took a half an hour bus trip from Bicester to Oxford
Then caught a train from Oxford to London Paddington
That trip was about an hour
Then from Paddington they rode the Underground to South Kensington
Another 45 minutes
Arriving at HTB (St Paul’s) church
Just to worship
Just to meet God in a church they had not been to.
Because loves does that!
About a 3 hour trip altogether to go and worship God
Sometimes love is extravagant
Sometimes love is reckless
All this for a King

AD – time of Jesus
Sometimes love makes us do unusual things
She walked into the crowded room
Straight to the One she loved
She cracked a jar of expensive perfume open
And poured it over His feet
Out of love
Out of devotion
Some mocked her, but sometimes love just fades out the critical voices
And expresses itself in unconventional ways

2 October 2012
My friend, Daryl drove three hours from Ladysmith last night to come to the Passion worship conference in Durban
Sometimes love does that
Did it cost a lot for petrol?  Probably
Did Daryl get something from it?  I am sure he did
And if he didn’t, does it matter?
Sometimes love is like that
Did God feel worshipped last night?
With a crowd of fifteen thousand strong, I think God noticed hearts attuned to Him
Sometimes love is not about the person showing the love but the One who receives the love

Some people asked why one should pay for a worship conference.
(Costs were between: R140 – R250)
Just for the record:
Christians don’t fly free
Christians don’t get free accommodation
Christians need to hire venues too
Christians need to organise sound etc. too
We don’t live “separate” from the world… where everything is free…
Oh how we all can wish!

So here we are a massive crowd singing praises
To our God
Why because love does that
Why sing?
Because sometimes love finds the best way to express itself is through a song

God, Love was your idea.
Thank you
Today, in my busyness, I pause to tell you:  I love You

Sometimes breaking a jar
Is not enough
Sometimes this heart
Can be wayward
But there are times
Even if for a moment
I stand in awe
And profoundly am
Grateful for You
My Love


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