Sacred Spaces 351– Life takes time (Behind the scenes)

Sacred Spaces 351– Life takes time (Behind the scenes)

10 October 2012

Sometimes there is a battle of views of how life is.
It can be: the “toaster generation” versus “the coffee farm generation”

Toaster generation meaning: “put a slice of bread in a toaster, within two minutes or so one would have toast.”  That’s often what the modern generation is like.  People are not patient.  People are living too fast.  Every two months, a new phone is out.  Everyone year better models of cars are coming out.  People spend way too much energy “trying to keep up with the Jones.’”  The pop music culture has a new single every single week.  People’s favourite song this week, will be tossed away next week.
Youth of today find themselves in this “ever changing” life style.
Marriages have easy exits (divorce).
If something is too hard or too “scary” for a teenager, they’d bail out quickly.
Sometimes stickability is not something people strive for.

Now on the flip side is the coffee farm generation:
Earlier this year, I went to Assagay Coffee farm for a tour and was shown the coffee plantations.  Those coffee plants can take up to five years (at least) to be ready to yield some top class coffee beans.

I thought of my ministry.  I thought of life.
It seems like a silly and obvious observation: but life takes time.
As a good wine takes time to mature;
As it takes roughly nine months for a beautiful baby to develop in their mother’s womb;
Why do I and others tend to rush life?

We had a super cool youth camp this past weekend and I “could not see” what God was doing “behind the scenes” (in a sense) in the lives of the teens.  So did God move?  Yes, I believe so.

I think sometimes preachers: want to preach a potent sermon that will change so many people in that service, forever.
Or youth pastors want to run a camp: that will change teenager’s lives from that moment on, forever.

Maybe it takes a hundred sermons to get a message through to some people.  And when we preach once, we celebrate that one sermon is done and that “behind the scenes” God has started something within.  The seed has been sown; the belief and thought have started to grow…
One may need to run twenty camps, before a teenager “gets it.”  Would we be willing to do that?  Of course!

Jesus reminds us of this in Luke 15 in the parable of the lost sheep.
There are a hundred sheep.  One goes astray.   Jesus leaves the remaining ninety nine and goes all out to find the missing sheep.
Over mountains, through caves and crevices, across the arid terrain, under the scorching sun… all that effort to find one sheep.

Hype comes and goes.  The lights and flashing sounds, they will fade.

Hebrews 13: 8 (reminds us) “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”

1 Peter 1: 24 – 25 “All people are like grass and all their glory is like the flowers of the field; the grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of the Lord stands forever.”

The best paintings are created over a long time.
The best stories take time to write.

In a world that is ever changing and the only thing that seems to be constant is the change itself, we know we can lean and rely on God to be the Best Constant!

God has stickability.
He has patience with us.
He sees the bigger picture.
God is outside “the span of life”
In that truth, I place my heart and faith.

Slow me down God
I tend to rush my life away
When sometimes the most beautiful things take time
A good wine matures over time
A beautiful baby is born after nine months
The length of life is your idea
Let me embrace it


2 thoughts on “Sacred Spaces 351– Life takes time (Behind the scenes)

  1. Hi Darrel

    Great reflection today, just what I need ! Have been delivered from sickness recently – now need to be patient and stand firm in faith to see it manifested ! Declare it each day, even while the symptoms are taking time to leave ( taking authority over the enemy, who won’t accept defeat !!!) Remember me in your prayers, mighty man of God !

    Lots of love Corien

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