Sacred Spaces 353– A different sort of discovery

Sacred Spaces 353– A different sort of discovery
23 October 2012

I love discovering new things.  I love adventure and travelling.
I think I discovered the massively when I lived overseas.
This year has been interesting for me.
I feel like a junkie “coming down” from an addiction.
(And that is probably a very poor analogy)
Rather, I probably just sound spoilt?

I write these sacred spaces as a sort of conversation between God and I; discussing things of my heart with him.
I share these SS allowing you to see the conversation and maybe be encouraged in your own journey and relationship with God.
I sometimes wonder how all these “other Christians” seem to have it altogether
And if people knew the “things I go through” within …
Gosh, I can feel like a wreck at times!
I am thankful my God is patient with me.
I do often feeling like Jacob wrestling with God.

It’s been 10 months and I have gone anywhere new.
I went for a good hike in the Drakensburg and also for a week holiday in Joburg.  (Can one call Joburg, a holiday destination?  Hmmm)
I probably sound so pretentious.
When many people are not able to say that they have been to 10 different countries.
When most of my country live in “squatter camps” (the slang word for informal settlements)
I think of the book I am reading: Run Baby Run (Nicky Cruz) and how it’s based on reality.  In the States and many other countries too there are teens who deal with such crap each day, living in gangs surrounded by violence and bloodshed and brokenness.

These are the lessons I need to learn: Contentment & appreciation in everyday life.  (I used to be so good at that.)

I discover community: through strangers cheering, friends helping move and new friends at my new church.
I discover new life: soon I will be an uncle. (Now time of posting, I am an uncle.  Woohoo!)
I discover the value of family: For the first time in 11 years I live in a 50km radius of my brother and mother.
I discover faith and hope and discipleship: in my ministry as a youth pastor.

I do love discovering (and walking aimlessly) in new exotic and European cities
I do want to discover the “Northern Lights” for myself.
Those times will come again.

But right now, there are many things around me, that I need to discover.
God, open my eyes and my heart.

Source of beauty
Source of wonder
Let us never stop
Chasing after You
All that you would have us


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