Sacred Spaces 356– EAT. PRAY. LOVE

Sacred Spaces 356– EAT. PRAY. LOVE
13 November 2012

(This is not a review on the book or the film.  It’s just a borrowing of the phrase…)


Our church turned 10 recently.  (Well, we have been in this building for 10 years.)
In response, to celebrate, we partied.
There is this cool verse in Nehemiah 8: 10 “Nehemiah said, “Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks, and send some to those who have nothing prepared. This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”

Essentially it’s an instruction that God gave Nehemiah “Go Party!”
Partying is good.
It brings people together
It shows people that it’s okay and more than acceptable “to appreciate life.”

The Christian faith has some of its heritage in the Jewish Culture.  Jesus being Jewish knew that partying / dining was a great thing to do.

Around a dinner table: he taught us about Communion (remembering His sacrifice for us)
He went to a “sinner’s” place and offered salvation around the dinner table.  (Remember Zacchaeus? ‘Today, salvation has come to this household.’)
After dinner, Jesus showed the greatest lesson of servanthood by washing his disciple’s feet.

When people eat, when people celebrate,
They are relaxed.  And great truths and grace can be shown and taught.


I read this cool Max Lucado piece on prayer recently: Something on Prayer
I need to pray more.
I remember an earlier time in my walk with God; I use to just pray a lot more.
It helped.
Why pray?

(Some say, God knows what we need already.  This is not about that.)

For me, I feel this about prayer:
–       Reminds me of God and his sovereignty over things
–       Reminds me that He is powerful
–       Reminds me that He is concerned with what’s going on
–       Reminds me to listen to Him.  Oh the things I miss, because I am not stopping to listen
–       Reminds me, when I pray that I need to rely on God’s spirit more

So often I live and move in my own strength.
That’s not right, that’s not healthy!
I want to try “covering” more things with prayer before they begin, as they occur and after they have happened.

God, I know You move, but I want to ask You and rely on You more.  Less of me, more of You.


I was doing sound for a funeral today.
I was so moved and inspired by my minister’s message.
You could feel in the room the despair these non-believers in God were feeling and carrying.
In this moment, my minister preached a passionate but SO FULL OF GRACE message of God’s love to the people who sat in our church this morning.
There was no way any of us could leave that church without being convinced that God loves us.

Got me thinking, we are “agents and carriers of God’s love”

Whatever you do, yes I said whatever.
Whatever career, whatever you study.
The world has forgotten God’s love / God’s hands upon this world.
We have to bring that message!

My friends, I implore you with this truth: God loves you.

Agents of Your love we are
In out eating, and other
Everyday things
May we show your world
You love
You are love


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