Sacred Spaces 358– The sand in-between His toes (This Desert Life)

Sacred Spaces 358– The sand in-between His toes (This Desert Life)
27 November 2012

(I have started writing these Sacred Spaces again in various coffee shops.  Today, I write from a place called: Bellevue Café in Kloof, KZN)

As I sip on this coffee and hear the chatter around me, I think of some thoughts from a desert.  You may have heard of the scripture that tells of Jesus being led into a desert after his baptism.  For forty days he was tempted.

Often, when that passage has been read and preached on, they talk of Jesus’ reliance on his father and how he stood strong against temptations.  Those are great lessons.

Today, I want to look at it from a different angle.

When we think of being in a desert, we would naturally think of: being alone, being very hot and/or being very thirsty.

We think about that Jesus story, He must have been so hungry, and thirsty and alone for forty days.  It must have been tough to be in those scorching conditions.

Could we look at being in a desert in a different way?

Imagine at night in the desert, no city lights above and just a vast black blanket with stars scattered all over it.
Imagine the SILENCE and the “peace” (lack of distraction) that Jesus would have gratefully experienced.

I can imagine the Father speaking to His son in that quiet place.

“My son, this time in the desert is about equipping you.  Here I will REMIND you of who you are to me.  I will remind you of my promises.  I want you to rest in Me.  Because the next three years in your life are gonna be jam-packed, they will be trying.  People will misunderstand you, even to the point of trying to kill you, and in fact after three years of attempts, they will succeed.  But my Son, you know… why WE have come: to bring and shed some LOVE in this place.  The people are lost and in despair.  Bring them the truth!”


“And, by the way; take some time to stop and listen to Me in the next three years.  Oh, and while we’re speaking now, look up: see the splendour and beauty of the stars.”

So that’s a different view of being in a desert.  Yes, it would be tough to endure a long time in a desert.  Yet, in our lives, let’s ask for more “desert periods” for some other reasons.

–       In a “desert place” there is less noise, so we can hear Him clearly
–       We can pause from the “usual stuff” of life.
–       And simply we can lie back and admire the stars.

So, sometimes deserts may come.  Don’t be afraid of them.  You won’t always stay there.
And in a very “loud and busy” world I think some desert time may be welcome.

(Music Trivia: What band has an album called: “This desert life”?)

I dig my toes in the sand
Of this desert life
I look up admiring
The things I so often miss out on
And here I will listen
What things do You want me to remember?


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