Sacred Spaces 359– The “MAYBE” Generation

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Sacred Spaces 359– The “MAYBE” Generation
5 December 2012

Do you recognize this picture?

maybe generation

If you are a Facebook user you would know this type of “event invite” all too well.
Now what I want to draw your attention to are the options in how to respond to the event invite:
Yes / No / Maybe

How often have you selected MAYBE instead of a yes or no?
Hmmm, that “maybe” word we hear so often.  We also use it a lot too.
When did we become so non-committal to things?

Jumping back to twenty centuries ago we, there is this encounter that Jesus had with a centurion (Luke 7: 1 – 10; look it up), where this centurion has utter faith in the WORD of Jesus.  He says to Him “But say the word, and my servant will be healed.”

This man didn’t expect (and felt a little unworthy) for Jesus to come and heal his servant; so he just asks him to say the words of healing authority.  Being a man of authority himself, he trusted Jesus’ healing words.  Wow, what trust!

The man knew that Jesus would not go back on his word.

In fact in the sermon of the mount, Jesus teaches about our word: “Simply let your ‘yes’ be your ‘yes’ and your ‘no,’ ‘no,’ anything beyond that comes from the evil one.”
(Matthew 5: 37)

Is that too harsh?  I don’t think so actually!
Because; possibly with this “non-committal attitude” in our lives the devil is actually having a field day with:

I think MAYBE is just too much of “safe option”

We have excuses of putting MAYBE down because we don’t want to let anyone down if we don’t arrive at the invited event.
Or we put MAYBE down because we really are unsure… because we say our lives are “busy” … so is that not a “tell-tale” sign that our lives are out of sync?

Meaning, if we were not SO BUSY… we could make clear cut decisions from the beginning when the invite is given to us.

A non-committal and a “maybe” generation is definitely NOT what we need right now to make this world a better place / to be kingdom people.
Don’t you think it would be better if people were MORE people true to their word and not let us down so easily?

I am thankful I have never had to doubt Jesus’ word:

“Jesus, do you love me?”

Yes / No / Maybe
I am opting and hoping for the first answer.  How about you?

Thankfully You don’t use the word “maybe”
Because then I definitely would be lost
If You said:
‘Maybe I’ll forgive you’
‘Maybe I’ll care for you’
‘Maybe I will reign in all this chaos’
Help me not use that “maybe” word
Too often
O Constant God!

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