Sacred Spaces 361– One of my favourite things

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Sacred Spaces 361– One of my favourite things
20 December 2012

On Tuesday I did one of the coolest things I have ever done.
It was so special.  It was so moving.

Our church had planned to do a “travelling carollers” event.
We met at 5pm and headed to homes of some elderly folk of church and then we headed to the AIDS Centre respite unit and two local hospitals.

Equipped with guitars, our voices, song sheets and hearts of love we went around singing Christmas carols in these different places.

In doing such a thing, I really felt so selfless.  (Sometimes, I can be too selfish.)
To see the smiles and tears of joy on the people we sang to; was so moving.

I realised the power of a song.
I reclaimed the truth of the words in the Christmas Carols.

Do yourself a favour, and look at the words of carols again.  See the truth they speak of.  And when you sing them again, sing with conviction.

I am so thankful I got to take part in this simple act of kindness and love.

Merry Christmas to you!

Christmas candles lit, England

May you know and feel the birth of Jesus in your hearts this year.
I have these lyrics swirling in my head the last few days: “Love came down and rescued us.”

(I will be back in the New Year with some more Sacred Spaces.  Thanks for your support.  Thanks for reading these.  Thanks for passing them on to others.)

PS.  Will you pray for us this Sunday?  (And in fact all churches over this Christmas period)
We are hosting a Christmas Carols by Candlelight service. I know that there may be people who have not heard of Jesus, I pray through the songs and the service that they will (even just one person) comes to believe in Jesus.)

We saw you in a manger
Now let us see You elsewhere
In the broken
In those who have it together
In the daily flow of life
In our own hearts
King Jesus
Be birthed in this place

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