Sacred Spaces 365– Come Home

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Sacred Spaces 365– Come Home
29 January 2013

Recently my Oma fell in church.  Her femur bone broke.  I saw her again yesterday, two weeks after the incident and operation.  She is looking far better.  Turns out the local hospital in Howick was full, so they suggested that my Oma should just stay in that frail-care department in the retirement village (Amberfield) where my Opa and she usually reside.

It’s easier that’s she’s there for the physio treatment that she needs to undergo to strengthen her leg.
What’s nice is that my Opa literally lives about 450 metres from her (as the crow flies.)
So he gets to see her each day and they share quality time together.

Jesus showed me something of Himself as I saw my Opa and Oma talking yesterday.

Their two chairs placed at 45 degrees from each other and my Opa asked her with such simplicity and beauty and longing in his voice:


“Don’t you want to come home?”

To put that question in perspective; they were talking about some of the slackness of the caring staff there and how they are leaving some tubes attached to my Oma, which are rather unnecessary.
My Oma being soft natured hasn’t really challenged or asked the caring staff to take them out.
So my Opa went and rectified the situation.

As he was explaining that to her, those loving words spilt from his lips:

“Don’t you want to come home?”

He misses her.
Six simple words carry such love.
It warmed my heart.

Made me think of how Jesus is with us.
We have overheard (and not heard enough) the grace story of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15.

In the story the Father (representing God) longs for His son to come home.  Dustin Kensrue (from Thrice) captures the emotion in his song: Please Come Home.

“Don’t you know son that I love you,
And I don’t care where you’ve been,
So please come home”

Listen to the song here:
(Hear the emotion behind the words.)

Now I want you to see that “empty chair” in whatever life space you are in right now, and hear our loving Jesus ask you:

“Don’t you want to come home?”

Words of invitation
Why would I ignore
Details of Your home
I do not know
However I know You
And in Your arms
Is where I want to be

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2 thoughts on “Sacred Spaces 365– Come Home

  1. Bronwen Dias says:

    Hey Darrel, as always a speak right to the heart message. I’ve been reading a book called the Christian Atheist, and it feels like the Lord is shouting at me at the moment (in a nice way).

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