Sacred Spaces 370 – Dear Tears

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Sacred Spaces 370 – Dear Tears
05 March 2013

Dear Tears,

I have wondered where my heart is.  When I think of what Jesus did for me on the Cross, I wonder why I am not moved to tears.

So I ask; where are you dear tears?
I wonder, when last, I and many others have been emotional for the selfless act of love that Jesus did for us.

His death brought us life.
For my ugliness, for my sin, Jesus died; thus giving me forgiveness.

However as I sit and pen this question to you, my thoughts drift to this truth.

Maybe, it’s not about the tears that I shed.
Maybe, Jesus looks at my response to the resurrection.


Unlike Peter and John and the other disciples at Jesus death, I don’t just see Good Friday (the day He died on that cross).
They never knew Easter was coming (even after His promises of His victory / I am sure they carried doubt; never before that time had sin/death ever been defeated.)

We see the Easter story in its entirety.
We see Easter Sunday past Good Friday.

So we should not just wear crosses around our neck BUT rather carry resurrection in our hearts.
So, dear tears, you may not be here.
However, I simply pray that truth of the resurrection will help me live far differently.

Let me live freely.
Let me live in gratitude.
Let me live showing grace (in word and deed).
Let me live with resurrection power: bringing hope where there is despair, bringing light where there is dark and bringing healing where there is brokenness.

So with dry eyes, dear tears; see my joy and see my conviction
I am alive because of Him.
After the mourning comes the dancing,

From my heart that has been set free,

From a small island
Across the oceans
A lyric is written that we pray
‘Break my heart
For what breaks Yours’
And in tears,
My sight is cleared again

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