Sacred Spaces 372– Lessons from a mosh pit (Rise Against)

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Sacred Spaces 372– Lessons from a mosh pit (Rise Against)
20 March 2013

Remember that verse from Acts 17, “In Him we live and move and have our being”?

Is that not true?  Heck yes!  It’s a great verse for you to hold onto during the busyness of your life.  Yes, being still is super helpful and vital.  But when life is on the go… don’t think God is not going with you.  He is.
On Friday night, a few of my friends and I went to watch Rise Against at RAMfest at Gateway (Umhlanga).  Surrounded by other fans in the mosh pit, I learnt a few lessons:
In the pit where everyone is rocking out, soaking in sweat, screaming/singing along the awesome songs of the headlining band, some people occasionally fall to the ground.  And the “rock show” community know what they do.  Naturally, they extend a hand and help the person back to their feet.

Lesson #1 Community reaches out a hand.

My friend, Lloyd saw me in the crowd and lifted me up and I got to crowd surf.  (It’s been a while since I have crowd surfed… it was awesome!)  32 years old and still rocking! (Respect, if I must say)
Sadly though, when I was hoisted up, my camera fell out my pocket. Oh well!
However near the end of the show, my other friend handed me a camera that he had picked up from the ground, asking if it was mine.
It wasn’t.
(That moment felt like a little test of my character.)  Would I take it for myself?  (Yes, I admit I was tempted to.)
But is not the Christian life, about growing in the character of Jesus.
So now a few days after the show, I have been able to post some photos from the camera, asking if anyone knows who the two ladies in the pictures are.
And I found them!
(Thankfully facebook connects people.  Six degrees of separation, sometimes works.)
So, more than likely I will be able to get the camera back to its rightful owner.
I feel good about doing a good deed, for being a good example for Jesus.

Lesson #2 Life is about growing in Christ like character.

Ramfest-48-of-91_large (Medium)

In Pinetown there was an awesome gathering of combined Youth Groups where I am sure Jesus moved and inspired and set hearts free.
However, question is, was He at Rise Against?
Of course!!
(Sadly, some may want to disagree with that…)
Is God limited to where He can be?  Does a mosh pit scare Jesus?
Someone may say, “…the music is secular” (sigh, Christianese hurts my ears.)
However, would not Jesus smile down on the band members as they rock out on their instruments?
Music is God’s idea.  When one plays their instrument passionately and skilfully, is that not a gift from God: talent?
And then in the crowd, a few hundred strong; I saw friends of mine who I know love Jesus in the crowd.  Because we were in this “gig of the world” was God not there?  Rubbish!

Lesson #3 God is everywhere!  Get used to it.

In the Old Testament there are accounts where God uses “secular” people (to use a phrase that so many Christians seem comfortable to use) for His plans to prevail.
Could God use the lyrics of Rise Against songs to challenge people?
Yes, I believe so!  If one pays attention to their lyrics, a lot of them are a call to social justice and action.  Some of them bring awareness to the injustice and “upside down ness” of the world.
We need to step into action.

Lesson #4 Faith without actions is dead. (James 2: 17)

Watch a video from the band here:

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