Sacred Spaces 375– When God doesn’t quote scripture

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Sacred Spaces 375– When God doesn’t quote scripture

16 April 2013


This past weekend 17 of us from our church went to the Drakensburg for a youth camp out.

One night up in the mountains and what a rejuvenating and stirring time we had.


I had made these little “quiet time” booklets for the teenagers hoping that they would use them by spending some time separately and alone hearing on God.

(Maybe some did, and I didn’t notice; however it seems most of them didn’t actually do that.)


However, I sincerely believe God was there this weekend.

And He didn’t even quote scripture?!

I never shared any scripture passages with the teens.

I never delivered any “preach” to them.


We just “did life” we enjoyed our surroundings and each other’s company.

So how was God there?  Easily!  He was in the stuff of life.  Here are some thoughts:


When a group of us waded through the tall grass and made our ways to the nearby large rocks and lay on our backs looking up at a splendid display of stars.


When the teenagers had to hike up the rather strenuous hill to get to the cottage; they sure had some character and fitness building.


When a 13 year old teenager comes to these mountains (Drakensburg) for the first time…


When people did things they never thought they were capable of: riding the foofie slide, climbing/ambling a mountain.


When the teens got to swim together / ride the foofie slide / play badminton and simply bask in the sun with cups of hot chocolate.


When 5 of us headed to the top of the nearby mountain, which was no small feat.  We had to scramble up non-existent paths, we had to grab tightly to the long grass and shrubbery and pull ourselves up some steeper parts.  Right at the top, we had to hug the rock face to get to the final surface.  Those teens and I gathered a new story of adventure / beauty / determination.


When teenagers worked together in the kitchen helping with the preparation of meals…


In “one on one” conversations I had with various people during the camp.


In the short time of singing on Saturday night; the words of worship possibly could have resonated in the hearts of those young lives.


In laughter, in having a break from the usual weekend antics, in sleeping under the night time sky (seeing shooting stars) to being amazed by the sheer size and beauty of our surroundings: massive mountains, a vast array of flora, the beating of the sunshine, the harmony of the birds.


In all of that, God you were there.

You were in ways, I didn’t even know.


Life is Your idea.  Beauty is Your idea.  Open my eyes, dear God.


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The love of God is not about telling.  There is too much telling in the world.

There needs to be more showing.  We need to show the love of God.

(Because how rewarding would it be if someone spoke of you and I like this: “You could see in _______ (your name here) life how they just adored God.  Love just spilled from their being.”  That’s something I would love to have spoken over my life!)


So even when the bible is closed, know that God is still on the move.





The pages tell of You

But You are more

The leaves, the shadows

The sunshine, the mountains

The conversation we have

Essence of life

Is in You!

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