Sacred Spaces 376– When I remember…

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Sacred Spaces 376– When I remember…
23 April 2013

Sometimes songs are sermons.
Sometimes I am so certain that God smiles at the microphones that have become pulpits
There are bands/artists that have sung such heart felt lyrics, how can one not be moved.

I hear God in scripture.
I hear Him in nature.
But I am thankful, in my passion (love of good music), God meets me there so often, he challenges, He convicts, He reminds and He encourages me:

There is still something about Jesus.
The other stuff, I am packed with questions as I journey on in my faith.

“But Jesus there’s something about your name” The Almost

When all else gets confusing and the questions seem too big,
I look to Jesus. (Thank God, for Him.)

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So for today’s SS I wanted to write a bit about the lyrics from When I Remember (Blindside):

“When I Remember”

That boy is gone
Sometimes i miss the way he wept at night
To be still and not run
To be rocked to sleep in your light
These days there is not much that will bring tears to my eyes
But when i remember who i am and who you are
When i remember
A cloud moves in, rain falls, thunder strikes, and sunshine breaks through the clouds

I am walking blind
So distracted that i don’t even feel when you hold me
When did i grow such thick skin
You are my sunshine and rain
My joy and sweet pain
I’m a spotless stain
That boy is gone
But nobody moves me like you do
When i remember

A cloud moves in, rain falls, thunder strikes
And sunshine breaks through the clouds
I can cry out of sorrow and joy
Every drop of rain turns into a crystal in the sun
So wash my eyes, my clothes, my skin, my bones, my soul
My feet, my love
I’m not forgotten
I’m in your thoughts cause i feel sunshine in the rain

To this day nobody moves
Nobody moves me like you do

To hear the passion in Christian’s voice as he sings this, click here:

These lyrics are a prayer
These lyrics are a conviction


Sometimes I feel despondent
Sometimes I get annoyed with some things that we as Christians do
Sometimes youth ministry involves “silly things” that seem rather pointless.
Sometimes Christians seem so out of touch
Sometimes I am hard on myself
Sometimes I really feel I am not good enough
I am not skilled enough
Sometimes moving people is so difficult
Sometimes my heart is far
Sometimes things seem too dorky or cushy.
Sometimes I feel defeated

THEN, I hear a song like this.
It pulls me back to reality
It pulls me to a sincere and potent Jesus

When I say “I”, I also mean “we”
I need to remember who Jesus is. Looking to Him
He is compelling beyond words
He sees and knows me rather differently. I need to remember who I am in Him
Jesus moves me. That is truth.
I need Him to move me continually.
He is bigger than the institution of the church
He is bigger than “tradition” and quirky mannerisms
I need a storm.
A storm where He washes over me
I need everything washed and cleansed and renewed:
My eyes, my skin, my bones, my soul, my love
I am not forgotten.
Neither are you.
Nobody moves me like You Jesus!


So wash my eyes,
My clothes, my skin,
My bones, my soul
My feet, my love
I’m not forgotten

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