Sacred Spaces 378– They hang on your words

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Sacred Spaces 378– They hang on your words

7 May 2013


Screen-shot-2010-10-26-at-Oct-26-2010-10.13.30-PM- (Medium)


This picture is rather humorous.

Yet it packs a punch of truth too.

You and I both can admit we have felt the sting of words.

Words hurt.


They lied when they came up with an attempted quick fix plaster of a rhyme:

(Who are ‘they’ anyway?J)


“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but silly words won’t harm me.”


Are you kidding?


In many cases people have had to admit: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, and those darn words nearly killed me.”


Sounds extreme?!  And sadly in some cases they have been.

We carry words as weapons sometimes.


I can look back and remember hurtful things that were said to me by teachers, friends and family.

It’s been years since those incidents/confrontations… but the effects of those words remain.

Now I am not asking you to feel sorry for me.  Not at all!  Because I also know over the years that a very real and powerful Jesus has set me free from those “chains” which careless spoken words had me bound in.


James 3 speaks of taming our tongue.

The most convicting verse in that passage challenges us “with the same mouth that we praise our Lord God, we also curse men that have been created in the image of our Creator.”


So sad, how we declare our love for God in these “cute holy gatherings” on Sundays and then our tongue like a cannon in our office spaces, classrooms and homes shooting off hurtful words.


People hang on our words; will you be the one who constructs the gallows? Hope not…




“But I’ve never broken bones

With a stone or a stick

But I’ve conjured up a phrase

That can cut to the quick


And sometimes I say things that

I wish that I could take back

And the smartest thing to say

Is to tell myself to keep


Quiet, quiet

Don’t let it all come undone

‘Cause if I dare open my mouth

It’ll just be to bite my tongue”

 find song here:



Sparks are not always just sparks

Sometimes they are fuel for forest fires

Same with my words

Jesus, help me not speak careless words

Tame my tongue

Put out the forest fires

That we create.

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