Sacred Spaces 379– Dear reader


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Sacred Spaces 379– Dear reader

14 May 2013


Dear Reader (,

(See what I did there, promoted my favourite (sort of) South African band with a link.)


However, this is not about them.  However what a great band name!

I write to you with a full heart.  I write to you with an empty heart.  I write with an unsettled heart.

I write hoping that you would respond.


I don’t know where you will read this week’s sacred space.  Whether it’s in the office, or on a bus, in a coffee shop, on your phone or at home; I pray that it finds you well and peaceful.

A peace that transcends understanding.

A wellness despite situations.

I want to you to be so assured of this truth contained in 3 words:


Jesus loves you.


However that cliché, may it not annoy you or get you in a defensive stance.

We’ve heard it said a lot.  But maybe haven’t felt its weight for a long time.

Week in and week out, you may read this blog, possibly subscribed to other emails, verses for the days, etc… yet you haven’t felt that love of Jesus.

I hope you would get that opportunity.


As I wrote above; I write with a bit of an unsettled heart.  Let’s talk about Justin Bieber.

I have never noticed it with other gigs… yet with him this apparent pop sensation; I have felt ugliness inside.  Heck yes, well done for the talent that he has.  However I have been disturbed with the fan mania that has gone with his visit to South Africa: a mob mentality / trend followers / pop culture to the extreme.

I love passionate music followers.  Respect to them.

However I felt that there has been a sense of obsession with this young artist.  There has been an over-obsession with him, which seems rather unhealthy?  I just feel unsettled by it.  (Just a feeling of mine)  So I write just sharing that with you.  (Take it or leave it.)


Questions!  As I have got older I seem more wrapped up in questions floating about in my mind.  I have lots of things I ask of God often.  Things I don’t understand.

Hurt and pain and injustice happening around me; lately I feel I am more bummed out by it.  Things I have heard about friends and others.  My heart is broken, carrying a weight that angers me.

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“God, where are you?”  I ask.  You may ask that too.

In all the hurt and chaos I think the best answer would be to have Jesus hug me for real.

And I long for that day.

Until then, in God’s own unique and tangible way with you… wherever you may be in this moment; I’d hope you feel God’s presence convincingly.


Last week Thursday was Ascension Day.   (I forgot about it…oops.)

Acts 1: 11 “Men of Galilee”, they said, “Why do you stand here looking into the sky?  This same Jesus, who has taken from you into heaven, will be back…”

(This is a passage about the ascension.)

We are challenged by a singular verse.  In your life right now, are you still looking at that sky?

If so, bring your gaze down, look ahead of you… and advance forward.


I always wonder if these words I pen (well type) fall on hearts needing to hear that week’s particular sacred space.  A big thank you to the many who forward this on to others every week; respect and gratitude!



Love Darrel


PS.  If you are keen to check out a song by dear reader, do click here:




These miles divide us

These words join us

His love holds us

The ocean is for everyone

His grace

May it collide with is all?

Crash Love

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