Sacred Spaces 383– Under the table and dreaming…

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Sacred Spaces 382– Under the table and dreaming…

11 June 2013


Today, I received some really good news.  (No, I haven’t met a girl, yet.) Other good news:  At 08h05 this morning I heard that the Dave Matthews Band is coming to South Africa in December.  I was so delighted and through social media, technology, good friends and a little grace… by 09h10, my friends and I managed to purchase golden circle tickets for the show.

I feel like I have been floating a little bit today.  I have been blessed too see the band twice already in London.  But this time, I get to see them with my brother, and that will be one of our special life moments together.



Now if you know anything about me, you will know Dave Matthew’s Band is my all-time favourite band.  I am proud to say I own 16 original CD’s of theirs and 3 DVD’s (eish, now I sound like I am boasting…) or maybe just fanatical.


Anyway, if you have been reading these Sacred Spaces for a while now, you would also have noticed, I often think and quote in lyrics.  (If you haven’t noticed that, Sherlock Holmes would be very disappointed!)


Usually when a new album of the many bands that I follow and enjoy comes out, I sit with a cup of coffee, the CD insert (or downloaded lyrics) and I “study” the album and lyrics.  Music for me is a language; and not just mindless babbling; however a language that carries a message.  And as a fan of many bands, I like to HEAR what they are saying.


And see what I can learn about life, God, myself, the world, and even find inspiration and grace.


A while back I did a post on my other BLOG entitled: “The Gospel according to Dave Matthews” (feel free to read it)


And who knows, in today’s post… you may even… learn something.


Firstly, I believe Jesus likes Dave Matthew’s.  He even loves the guy.  (It’s interesting how sometimes we as Christians want to keep that love of God, only for ourselves.)


Throughout the albums (in the lyrics) of Dave Matthew’s there have been a spiritual seeking and a questioning of the good and evil in the world and a debate of God and the devil.


I love it!  Here is a band asking BIG questions.  They don’t have all the answers but are willing to delve into the issues of the mess in the world.


So here are just a few lyrics that I think of offhand that crash into me (fans; see what I did there?) with conviction:


“To change the world, start with one step.  However small, the first step is the hardest of all”

“If you give, you begin to live.” (You Might Die Trying)


I love this.  A call to action; if we want to see change, we need to make the first step.  The message of this song reiterated in Gaucho. (See previous BLOG (Gaucho))

Where are you being called to “change the world”?


“Tell me everything is all taken care of by those qualified to take care of it all.” (Dive in)


This song carries a longing for things to be okay.  If we look at the state of the world, our hearts can break.  Things are upside down.  We live in difficult times.  Are you perhaps “qualified” to care?  Yes, you are…


“Keep your head up, try listen to your heart.  Be kind always, no matter we all grow up and someday we’ll say goodbye.  So shine your light while you got one.”  (Drunken Soldier)


Firstly this song musically is really cool.  That two minute intro is arranged like it was made for a Quentin Tarantino film.  And then how is that for a refrain.  Keep your head up.  Listen to your heart. How is that ever a bad thing?   


So I hope these thoughts and observation of lyrics inspire you.  If not, I hope they at least get you thinking about lyrics that you often find yourself listening to.


Have a good week.  And if you have a car, wind down the windows, crank up your music and sing out loud.



“Funny the way it is, if you think about it, somebody’s going hungry, someone else is eating out.” (Funny the way it is)

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