Sacred Spaces 384– How it began

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Sacred Spaces 384– How it began

18 June 2013


Last week, I was cycling along Durban beachfront with SARAH.  (Sarah is the intern at our church from that States.  She is here for about ten week’s altogether).  I felt like a tour guide showing and telling the sights of Durban to her.


She happened to ask me about how my “Sacred Spaces” began.  Also in discussion the word “tour guide” that I was given a few years back came to mind.


Simply, back in 2004 I offered this little prayer to God; “If I You give me an email address, I promise to write each week a thought about You and send it (via email) to my friends and family.”


And that’s what I did.  To about 10 people each week, I sent those first few sacred spaces.


See my first sacred space here:


Now in 2013, nine years, this is the 384th Sacred Space I have written.

I have a blog with 58 followers and it has had 6968 hits (visits)!

I have a facebook group with 611 people and 251 “LIKE” my SS page.

And I am told that people pass on the sacred spaces to others in the office blocks.

I am so honoured and humbled by that.


Now, I shared this not to “blow my own trumpet” but to celebrate, how far we have come.  Who knows, maybe out of all these readers, God used my little words to set someone free. J


One of my all-time favourite feel good songs is by Matchbox 20 – HOW FAR WE’VE COME


There is truth in that statement!

How far have you come?  Since 2004 to now: June 2013?


I smile at how far I have come since those days in Ladysmith were my Sacred Spaces began:


My understanding of God has grown.

So has my view on the world and Christianity.

What I have seen and experienced in the last nine years, I am so thankful for.


That verse: “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it.” Psalm 24: 1 envelopes a bigger sphere for me.


I have wrestled with God

I have child-liked trusted Him

I have been up and down, yet I am still here.

I am packed with questions, yet I still have peace/hope within.

I am still lost at times, yet I am found.


Oh, how far we have come.

Now to the word I was previously given: “Tour Guide”


A few years back, I felt strong assurance inside when I received that description.  (Not sure where I was; maybe in a time of worship or during a quiet time)


I was to be a “tour guide in the faith.”  I was called to take people on a “tour of God’s heart” show them the “sites.”  And hopefully they would be marvelled by who He is.

I know that’s what the last few years have been about.


Now as I have started studying (slowly) travel and tourism this year, I feel that word carries a new weight and meaning.  When I recalled it, I had a rush of affirmation inside.


I always like how God works like that.

Sticking with the analogy, maybe life is a “tour” and God is the guide.  I think He will be good at that; so why not trust Him.



“I believe the world is burning to the ground

Oh well I guess we’re gonna find out

Let’s see how far we’ve come” (Matchbox 20)

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