Sacred Spaces 388 –The whole Holiday club for…


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Sacred Spaces 388 –The whole Holiday club for…

16 July 2013


(Okay, I left that James series behind.  I prefer writing what comes to me each week rather than writing a series on something.)


Last week, at our church we ran a Holiday Club themed: WasteWatchers.  With the holiday club we taught the children to care for the environment.


During the week I had asked our intern, Sarah to run the prayer time with the children.  This developed over four days on a “prayer wall” which was added to each day when the kids jotted down their anonymous prayers on pieces of paper.

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During the week, with the children, we prayed for: friends, enemies, family and ourselves.

On day two, after the kids had gone home, while sticking the prayers up to the prayer wall, Sarah had noted that one of the children wrote this:


“Daddy, I forgive you for leaving.”


Gosh that is heavy!  But I am thankful that that little boy/girl was able to express a prayer like that.


The church is a place where pain can be alleviated.

Do we allow that to happen?



For me, knowing that a child could express their heart to God like that, made the entire holiday club so worth it!


From preparing the décor, practising the drama, planning and running games, designing and creating crafts, all that was worth it… if even just one person was able to “let go of pain” in their lives.





As you left ninety nine to find one

I would paint, plan, decorate, prepare and go all out… even if just one would

Fall in Your arms of love.

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