Sacred Spaces 393 – All the heavens and an old hymn…


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Sacred Spaces 393 – All the heavens and an old hymn…

20 August 2013


Maybe I have written about this song before.  Not sure.  However we were looking at this song at our Confirmation classes recently.

You and I, we may be similar, we may be packed with questions.

I love my God.

There are things I know and understand about Him.

Yet, if you’re like me, you’re loaded with queries too.


Yet for me this old hymn, that Third Day did a rendition of, warms my heart with a truth that I identify with, a truth I am comforted by.


See the following words:



As Your children gather in peace
All the angels sing in Heaven.
In Your temple all that I seek.
Is to glimpse Your holy presence

All the heavens cannot hold You, Lord
How much less to dwell in me?
I can only make my one desire holding on to Thee

All the angels exalt You on high
What a kingdom to depart!
But You left Your throne in the sky
Just to live inside my heart.

I will always make my one desire holding on to Thee

What moves me about this song is wrapped up in these two separate lines “all the heavens cannot hold you, Lord; how much less to dwell in me?” AND “But you left your throne in the sky just to live inside my heart.’


Are you smiling?  This God, who at times we don’t completely understand.  The One we have questions with.  The One that you and I cannot box in.  Cannot put neat border lines on… He lives inside our hearts.


I like that.  I need that.  I am thankful.

There are moments when I just want to burst into an exclamation of praise or something to that effect.  Is that the Spirit living inside of me?

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Yesterday I had a day off.  (Monday’s are my days off.)  I was sitting outside soaking in the sun, sipping on some coffee and smiled at the bird life teaming in my garden.  My bird feeders had many visitors.  Even my bird bath had one or two visitors.  It was as if these birds were having a good time.  Enjoying their lives.  They understood a deeper truth.  Do we understand it?


I was just beaming, appreciating them enjoying the sunshine, some water and bird seeds.  Oh for the sermons in creation.


My Spirit got it.  Quietly in my heart, God reminded me…



Your Spirit and my spirit, mingling

We dance together

I don’t know all the steps

But as long as I am with You,

Then I am more than fine.

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