Sacred Spaces 394 – The small big world (family)

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Sacred Spaces 394 – The small big world (family)

28 August 2013


These thoughts have been camping in my head for a little while and I wondered how to pen them so this is my attempt:


I recently tweeted: Building community takes time.

It’s a very obvious observation.  However being a nomadic person this challenge and thoughts rings louder.


I really battle doing things for no purpose at all.  Hear me out, not everything has to have a deep and profound and life changing purpose.


Sometimes fun and relaxation are good enough motives.

Almost a year ago I started an indoor football squad for guys from our church.  A few months back we started an outdoor soccer tournament for guys from church and other churches that love the beautiful game.


Life takes time.


It’s been great to see how my teams (indoor and outdoor) have started connecting with one another.  A community, a family is starting.  The sense of humour and sense of camaraderie has been wonderful to see.  And amongst that there have been some rather good conversations to.


Like Nelson Mandela believed: sport brings people together.  So true.


What kind of faith do we portray?  Do we allow for community?  Do we allow for people to belong and to be themselves?


Our little football community is made of a bunch of guys who come from all sorts of backgrounds.  Some are close to the idea of God, some don’t give a damn.  However, they’re part of this family / this community.


My other thought I had:


Skype is an amazing invention.  It’s incredible how families can communicate with one another across the miles and time zones.  One can talk to grandchildren and grandparents and immediate family.  Heart-warming.

HOWEVER, we had a new members’ welcome lunch the other day and as a lot of the new people shared their stories I observed this truth and longing:


There are parents / grandparents here in South Africa who REALLY MISS their loved ones that are living abroad.  From the States to the UK, to Australia.


This ability to live in other countries has sadly also BROKEN the family unit a bit.

I sensed sadness in that room and in their words.

I sensed a desire to be closer as a family.


Thanks to Skype and Whatsapp and other great social media that people can be connected.

However the CONNECTION is not COMPLETE.


Just some thoughts.


Song Lyrics or Twitturgy:


“Hello again

Seem like forever between now and then

You look the same

I mean you look different but you haven’t changed”

(Dave Matthews Band – Stolen away)

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