Sacred Spaces 397– Facebook Failing Forward

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Sacred Spaces 397– Facebook Failing Forward

24 September 2013


I wonder where these words fall.

I wonder who reads them.  Or who hears them.


I thought of the title recently.  I thought it was rather catchy.  So I thought let me use it in a post.  Also wanted to explain some things.  These thoughts may come across a little haphazardly, but there is a common thread in the end…


I really don’t have it altogether.  I am bit of a wrestler.  Not literally.  (Sweaty men in tights, no thanks!).  But metaphorically I wrestle with God, my dreams built within, the desire to make a difference.  My love for good music, travel and growing up.


Probably sounds similar to many people’s lives…


I have fallen in love (if one could say that) with words.  I know therein lies some of my passion.

I think “quotes” are a brilliant idea.  People say smart things.  People say profound things.  We really need to pass them forward.


I like Twitter.  It’s a good way being informed… but over the months I have discovered some good “quote accounts” that push out many quotes on a daily basis.


A common thing to humankind: we all really do love being inspired.

Good movies, good songs and beautiful art do that for many.


People often joke at me for spending a lot of time on Facebook.  I laugh back with them.

I admit I am an online kind of person.  But if people only really knew how I used my Facebook, they would probably see it as “arrogant” and I guess I write this to DEFEND that.


My brother has learnt well.  If he has gone to some picturesque place or has some precious photo memories of my niece, he will tag me in the photo album.  Even if I wasn’t there.  (Woah, how rebellious of him. Hmm)

That tag me draws my attention to the photo album and then I peruse through what he has uploaded.


Usually when I do go online in the morning I may browse down the news feed to see what’s going on in some people’s lives.  And maybe just click like or post a comment on a few.

But truth be told, I hardly just randomly browse people’s Facebook accounts.  Who would have that sort of time?  Not me!


I do post a lot of quotes, verses, lyrics and links to my blogs.  Why?!

Honestly, I do appreciate the support and growth of my blog.  I believe one of my callings is to use words in my life to bring about encouragement, challenge and inspiration.



I’m always thankful when my mere words have helped someone…


And quotes and verses.  There are spans of them that could help even just one.  And why would anyone not want to help another?

I receive a lot of “good information” daily… God speaks to me in the many quotes, daily verses, blogs I follow, inspiring quite time emails.  I feel more than obliged to share them…


How you respond; that choice is always yours.


So your newsfeed may have a lot of “Darrel posts” at times.  Oops!  But my simple prayer and hope is; as I fall forward, get up again, and live my life and share some inspiration with you.


That something is evoked in you.  To live fully.  To live freely.  To acknowledge we are part of something far bigger here.


My words, take them or leave them.  I am not too phased.


But, I have fallen in love with words.  I love my God, I struggle on with my overthinking and I’ve combined all those… to leave you with yet another Sacred Space: Facebook Failing Forward


Song Lyrics or Twitturgy:


“I am full of earth.  You are heaven’s worth.  I am stained with dirt, prone to depravity.  You are everything that is bright and clean, the antonym of me.  You are divinity.  But a certain sign of grace is this: From the broken earth flowers come up pushing through the dirt.” (Wholly Yours – Dave Crowder Band)


I really admire this band’s word usage.  Sadly, a lot of other bands use cliché and even corny Christian phrases in their songs.  This band steps FAR away from those.  Thank goodness!  This is INDEED intelligent music.

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