Sacred Spaces 400 – Here’s to 400, and here’s to another 400…


Sacred Spaces 400 – Here’s to 400, and here’s to another 400…

15 (r)October 2013


Number 400, wow! J (See the new logo I may use.  Tell me what you think?)

Thanks to Eric for helping me out with that.  Find him here:


Some history: Moses who led the Israelite s out of Egypt has now died.  Joshua takes over as the leader of God’s people.  Follow the link for the calling and instruction that Joshua receives:


Now we all are theologians.  We all “do theology.”  We have views and experiences of God that shape our thinking of Him.

One of my big theologies are the theology of “a journey” with God.

I believe our lives are a journey with God.  (Some may believe the same as I.)

In my 33 years I have had an incredible journey thus far.

So, I have written 400 of these Sacred Spaces.  A milestone indeed, if I am allowed to say.


This above piece of scripture resonates well in my spirit.

God promises Moses that He will give him every place he steps his foot on.  What a promise of provision.  He then goes to describe the land that they will be going to.  The description is like that of a tour guide.


Now for me that is interested.  In my journey, a few years back.  I clearly remember God whispering this call on me: “You will be a tour guide.”  At that time, I understood it as a metaphorical call.  A call to lead people in a tour of God’s heart.


Now this year, God reminded me of that call.  And that seems to be taking shape in my life in a different way now.  I hope to be a literal tour guide.


Back to Joshua.  He is told to be strong and courageous.  Because those attributes will get me through what he has to face.  He is also told to mediate on the word of God.  He needs to listen and hear from God often.


For any journey with God that is very helpful.  We learn in this life to recognize God’s voice more and more.


So these Sacred Spaces were born out of that place.  God speaks to us daily.  There are many “mini sermons” around us constantly.  One just needs to be observant.  God is not silent.  We’re just the ones that are often ‘deaf.’  And even when God doesn’t use words, He would show a picture or teach in the silence.


That’s why I started this thing.  Each week, there is something I have learnt and have discovered about God, life and things in-between.  I wrote these to capture those moments.


And as a tour guide does, he or she points out the sites.  That’s what I love doing with these mere words.

And each week I hope that these words fall on the hearts and lives of people who need to come across them in that particular week.


So thanks for your support.  Thanks for reading these.  Thanks for passing them on.


One more thing.  In the instruction to Joshua, God mentions the idea of various land that Joshua would place his feet upon.  I have been to a few countries.  Am very grateful for that.  In those places, I got to write some Sacred Spaces.  So here is a trip down memory lane:


1)    In Tignes, France: Sacred Space 230:

2)   From Scotland: Sacred Spaces 242:


What has been interesting about going back to my old writing is to see how my theology has grown.  How my world view has grown.  I feel that I was more judgmental in my early writings.  Thankfully, I have been delivered from that.


Song Lyrics or Twitturgy:


“My heart is filled with songs of forever.” Thrice – In Exile


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