Sacred Spaces 401 – So, am I only good enough for your leftovers?


Sacred Spaces 401 – So, am I only good enough for your leftovers?

23 (r)October 2013


There is this scripture in Proverbs 16: 9 that says: “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps”


This last Sunday at our family service our attempt at making Wors Rolls for the members of our church didn’t go to well.  The coals of the fire were arguing with us.  And our fire making skills seemed dormant that morning.  So by the time service ended we had only made twenty Wors Rolls.  We had eighty uncooked sausages.  Thankfully people came and bought the uncooked packs and we only had about twenty left over.  With that, God taught me a lesson.


A gentleman in our church came and bought the rest with a proposition.  If he paid for the leftover meat, my friend and I would have to cook it and then go around Hillcrest (my town) and distribute the food to those on the streets who are hungry.


So we agreed.  Once the rest of the meet was cooked we headed out to the street to go and give the food away.


As I approached someone I wound down my window and offered the man the Wors Roll with these words: “We had a braai (barbecue) at our church, and we had some left over rolls, do you want one?”

He gladly took it. 

But my friend challenged me with the words that I used.  (I guess God was speaking through him).


I spoke as if my charity came from my “left-overs.”

Like my giving and caring was an after-thought.

That man could have responded to me with these words: “So am I only good enough for your left-overs?” Ouch!

Are you with me?  Do you see my fault?


Our giving.  Our charity needs to be of our “firstfruits” (to use Christian speech.)


Then as we carried on driving my friend and I would offer these words as we gave the food away.

“We just want to share the love with you.”  Those words resonated well with me.

We also used this phrase once or twice: “We want to bless you with this food.”


Those words are okay but also can come across tactless and insincere.

How often do we use the words “bless you” so casually with not realising what we’re offering?  When we say “God bless you” we’re speaking of wanting that person we addressing to receive divine favour (if I can call it that) from God.

That’s a big ask!


So from that hour of giving to folk in my community God challenged me with the words I can so carelessly say.


What words do you haphazardly say?


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