Sacred Spaces 403 – Everyday Spirituality

Two weeks ago I was apologetic in church. It was a weird stance I had and was going through. I declared that on the Friday morning I had woken up with a thought from God. He had spoken to me just before I woke up.

Because truth is God speaks.
That’s the point of our faith. Right?

A very simple and blasé science and faith lesson:
A Divine Being sets the world in motion
It also creates us in love for love to love.
We have a choice to respond?
Will we listen?
How do we keep this relationship with Him fresh?

By arriving. By being creative.
In no particular order and trust me, I am far from having “arrived”.
I am still learning as someone who believes in God. How can I connect with Him?

geese in flight_gif

You see what I have noticed a few people have this bad habit of compartmentalizing God.
Putting Him into certain parts only.
And that sort of relationship with God gets stale easily.
The Jewish people had it right. All of life was entwined with God.

We’re so good at categorizing things. Some things are secular. Some are spiritual. No way!
All of life flows from and to God in this beautiful relationship we can have with Him.

God speaks. Check
We CAN listen. Check
So just some ideas for you:

1) Talk to God more often. Just utter words and thoughts to Him throughout your day.
2) Live with wonder. Appreciate things around you. Thank God for them. From a beautiful sunrise to that still feeling at dusk.
3) Slow down with a cup of coffee or tea. Don’t have an agenda. Just sit in your garden with God. Don’t even have to speak. Just sit together. You and Him.
4) Listen to music that inspires you. I often think and dream in lyrics. God speaks to me clearly there.
5) Say thank you more often. Thank God along the way. From enjoying your meal at lunch time. Thank Him. For your health. For your transport.
6) See God in more things. Don’t box Him. You can be having a conversation with a colleague and you could see that God was involved there.
7) For some reading a portion of the bible helps. Then do that. But be present in the passage. Sometimes I have found, I just read the words but I am not actually paying attention.
8) Be present

I had to chuckle. Having a list of eight things…looks like one of those many self help books you see in stores.

Apply these eight things and your life will change for ever! Haha! Really, I don’t know if it will. But just had this kind of thought (sacred space) racing in my head over the last few days.

I simply hope and pray you will hear God. Even here in 2013, planet earth.
God is speaking.
Hope you hear…

Song Lyrics or Twitturgy:

My God, You are everywhere / from the lowest depths to the heavens / you’re always there (Third Day)


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