Sacred Spaces 408 – Of Present Perspective

19 December 2013

(I am going to start with the PS part? Can I ever do that? 😉 I will be taking a break from Sacred Space writing till the New Year. Thanks for reading. I always wonder who even reads these ramblings of mine…)

This week; I took a few of my teens to join the volunteers from the Hillcrest Aids Centre in dropping off Christmas parcels to children who live in very poor communities. I response I wrote this:

I am 10 years old
We live in an estate
Solomon opens the boom gate when we come home
Daddy parks our car next to the three others in our garage
Mommy and daddy are going to buy me big presents
I expect it
“Mommy, I asked for a red one. Why did I get a blue one?”
Unwrapping. Unravelling
“Daddy, how come my brother’s present is bigger than mine? It’s not fair!”
I want I want I want

IMG-20131217-00899 (Medium)

I am 9 years old
I am wearing the same clothes I wore yesterday
Sindiwe, my granny greets me
I leave my mud covered shoes at the door.
I sleep in a bed with my three siblings
I am not sure where mommy and daddy are?
I hope to see them
“Mommy, will I see you this Christmas?”
Today, some kind people came to my village
They gave out presents
I was standing there with many other orphans.
Seventy of us
When they handed the gifts to us
We cheered for each other’s blessing.
We celebrated with each other.
Grateful. Gladness
“Thandika, I am happy for what you got.”
I didn’t hear anyone say:
“It’s not fair! How come your present is bigger than mine?”
Thank you Thank you Thank you.


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