Sacred Spaces 410 – Don’t eat the grass!!!


14 January 2014

So did you hear about this?  Absolutely ridiculous!

So this SS is a response to that…

If you’re new to believing in the idea of God.  Please don’t fall for that nonsense!  Seriously, eating grass won’t make you filled with the Holy Spirit…

And smoking grass… just makes your high (Yes, can I throw in some humour here?)

If I was a fly on the wall in heaven, I bet Jesus would be shaking his head and this folly!

Where does that Pastor get off thinking like that?  Anyone I am not throwing stones… (Maybe just offering a lawnmower instead…)

In the times the Bible was written an analogy that the people were familiar with was that of a Shepherd and his sheep.  Jesus was known as a shepherd to his followers.

Meaning; he was one who cares for us.  Knows us by our name.  John 10: 1 – 11 talks about that.  A sacrificial love.

But you are not ACTUAL sheep!  Please don’t eat the grass or:

 DSCF4239 (Medium)


So looking at faith and understanding God is about CONTEXT.  So I am moving from that “sheep” analogy as some people clearly have got confused (*pulls tongue out here cheekily*)

Most people on this planet have Facebook, a blog, twitter or Instagram to name but a few.

This speaks of many things to us:

 i)             We long for connectivity

ii)            We long for community

iii)          We long to be heard

iv)          We long to be noticed

v)           We are creative.  We desire to express

vi)          We want to be known

 And thus here comes my analogy:

Faith in Jesus brings that.

This “Shepherd” sees you.  He knows your name.

The original intention of the church is for you to feel part of a caring community.  Where you can express and be known. And not judged.

Jesus, is the source of creativity.

He is about connection.  He hears you.


That is invitation!  How will you respond?


 “The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever.” Isaiah 40: 8


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