Sacred Spaces 411 – Journal Entry #?


21 January 2014

 So I am letting your peer over my shoulder as you see some thoughts in my journal.

Some comical, some deep, some random thoughts.  Take them or leave it.

index (Medium) 

I heard this lady talk about her mission trip abroad recently.  She mentioned a practice of thanking God for 5 things at the start of the each day.  Wow, that really is something so practical and beneficial to do.  Gives you a greater perspective, facing each day.

Here is what I wrote for today:

 i)          Thank you for the different colour of leaves

ii)         Thank you for my job

iii)         Thank you for inspirational music

iv)        Thank you for this cup of coffee

v)         Thank you for my limbs; that I get to jog and play indoor soccer

 What would yours be?  What five things could you list?


I went to an induction service this morning for the new chaplain at a local school.  A few times, during the service I heard mentioned “Methodist this” or “Methodist that”

To be honest.  I was annoyed by that.  Why are we as Christians so territorial?


Which reminds me of an awesome sermon my minister preached on Sunday.  He spoke of how Jesus invited the disciples; to simply: FOLLOW.

That’s it!

How often we as Christians add a stipulation to that invitation.  We say “Follow what I believe” / “Follow my understanding of this and that.

 We so easily want to throw a belief system on people; when Jesus himself didn’t say; Come and believe.  He said “come and follow”

There is something far less invasive and presumptuous about that invite.  Would you agree?

 Because in FOLLOWING Jesus, in time our belief of Him, will be birthed anyway…


Back to the school: It was beautiful to hear the entire boy’s school belting (singing really loudly and enthusiastically) it out as we sang hymns accompanied by a pipe organ!  Wow!

So there are some of my thoughts.  Care to share what you have been thinking about over the last few days?

 Have a great week!


 “It’s alive, it’s alive, when I see it through your eyes.” Bastille (Durban Skies)


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