Sacred Spaces 413– Longing

4 February 2014

I really do like reading.  I feel that there are many stories that develop my own creativity and expand my imagination and those tales take me to faraway lands and introduce me to many different personalities.

 I love that moment when a book has grabbed you.

When you LONG to go back to the story.

Yes, there are daily things in our lives that we need to attend to; yet within, there is that LONGING.

 To be back in that book.  Hidden among those pages.  Excited to see how the story unfolds…

 That got me thinking a little bit about how we could respond to God.  With a LONGING…

 “Oh God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you, my soul thirsts for you, my body longs for you; in a dry and weary land, where there is no water.” Psalm 63:1

 That verse captures LONGING.

DSCF2296 (Medium) 

When last have you LONGED for God?

No, not religion.

Not procedures.

Not spiritual disciplines (as they are called).

But Him,

This ever real God.

 When thinking about the theme of LONGING for this week’s SS… as usual, lyrics came as sweet melodies in my mind:

 “Jesus, there’s something about your name.” The Almost

 “I want to be lost in You, like a ship in the night, I want to be lost in you underneath your sky.” Thousand Foot Krutch 

 To be in that life space with God; sounds amazing, right?


 “I want to be so far gone in You.” Thousand Foot Krutch.


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