Sacred Spaces 416– The measuring line

25 February 2014


Dear God,


Help me to remember to measure my life by Your measuring line and not that of the world’s.

Last week, I was grumpy.

Last week, I had an attack of my self-confidence and identity.

Because, I looked to others.

I compared my life…

I measured by the world’s standards.

How foolish I was.


I measured my life by things that I thought mattered.

Others own a whole lot more than I do.

Others have bigger cars and bigger homes.

God, you see the hill that I live on, right?

It glitters and shimmers… Because of the wealth of this place.

I could feel very poor among the large estates and homes.


More so, I measured by life path to that of others.

But to be honest, I wouldn’t trade my life for anything…

Because in all the chapters, You’ve been there.  Of that I am certain.


I did a silly thing.

I measured myself to what they have and what I don’t.

Forgive me, for straying away from Your measuring line.


Then, come to think of it;

You’re not about measuring!

Measuring lines and boxes; You are not interested in.


Because, to be truly free…

I must not be concerned by the standards of the world and what they may think of me.

Because frankly, I don’t want to care.


There is still just something about You

And what You say of me; that means more than the world to me.

Thank you for reminding me of my value in You.


Love Darrel


My friend posted this BLOG

 (Thanks to Don Scrooby for this great blog.)


I love it.  So true.

Why is the fork trying to be a knife?

Don’t compare your life!



“I have learned how to be content with whatever I have.” Philippians 4: 11


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