Sacred Spaces 418– Where is the Selah?

Sacred Spaces 418– Where is the Selah?
5 May 2014

Wow it has been 2 months since I have written a Sacred Space! Good to be back. Hope this finds you well?

Where is the Selah? A while back I noticed it. In the recent translations of scripture. Both printed and online… they have omitted the word “Selah” in the Psalms.
(They now have it as a footnote instead at the end of those particular Psalms.)

But why did they do that?
Selah placed in those Psalms in the first instance was profound!

The term Selah use to be found 71 times in the Psalms and means “to stop and listen” or “to pause and think of that.”
Also it has been seen as a break/interlude in a music score. (The Psalms being of a musical nature.)

There is something so beautiful with keeping the Selah in the Psalms; but ever better still… having that Selah in our lives.

We live in a “way too fast” world…
Where many people don’t get to stop and listen. Or to pause and ponder upon things.

I wonder how much beauty is missed, how much peace is not experienced?
Because people have lost the art and skill of living with Selah.

Knowing how to pause. How to savour a moment?
The ability to notice the deeper things going on in the seemingly ordinary things of life.

Are you with me? Does this make sense?

When you’re sitting across the table of a loved one sipping on your coffee. It’s not just a morning or evening ritual. It’s a celebration of love and connection. Selah.

When you drive with your windows wound down and you feel the wind blow on your face, it’s not an irritation but perhaps a moment to scream back into the wind “I am alive!” Selah.

Or when you’re stuck in a traffic jam, and you’re tempted to swear or curse at other drivers. That may be your Selah moment.

Sometimes watching a movie is not just about entertainment. Maybe there is a line in there that will profoundly change the course of your life. Selah.

We live as if the ground is moving beneath our feet at a 100 miles an hour. We let life just happen to us. Not pausing and pondering incredible daily truths.

Will you bring back the Selah moments in your life?



“Search your heart and be silent” Psalm 4: 4

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