Sacred Spaces 420– a Bigger God

20 May 2014

I came across this piece last week:

This, then, is my assertion; my attempt to understand my own evangelical experience. God is bigger than my beliefs about him, but he is not smaller than them. He is beyond my experience, but he is not absent from it. He can, as far as I’m concerned, meet people in whatever room he chooses. He is supposed, after all, to be in charge. All I can say is that he did meet me in the room in which I found him. I can only seek to validate my own experience. I have no need to deconstruct the experience of others. So I want to try and describe what it has been like to enter, and then remain in, this room called evangelical these past four decades. I want to explain how it is that I have come to understand that God is bigger than my room, but that this does not mean I should move out of it. I want to hold both to the validity of my experience and to the hugeness of God beyond my experience. (Bigger God – Chapter 1 “Walking the Shoreline)

It is taken from Gerard Kelly’s blog that can be found HERE

I first discovered this guy, Gerard, when a previous minister of mine (Paul Howes) gave me a farewell gift: Twitturgies.

Read more about that book here:

And he is on twitter TOO

I like the things he writes and prays. Last week, I was man down with massive toothache (consequently had to have two root canals done.) And so I lay in bed most of last weekend and read through some blogs. Mr Gerard Kelly wrote a series called Bigger God. And thus we arrive at the above quote.

God is bigger than my beliefs about Him, but not smaller.

This really encourages me and convicts me.
There is a lot I don’t know about God.
But I am okay with that.
Because my beliefs are smaller than who He is.

Maybe you need to hear that too.
Yes, we may be wrapped in questions of God.
Our belief has questions.
We’re get stuck in trying to understand more.
Possibly, frustrated.
Yet God is bigger!

He is beyond my experience of Him, but not absent from it.

I like that.
My experience may be different from yours; and that is more than okay.
Some days we will experience God and some days we won’t.
Yet God is beyond our experiences.
And gracefully He is in them too.

I found a deep conviction in this piece. Hope it resonates something within in you too…

shoreline (Medium)


“A new week opens like a book unwritten. Grateful for the grace blank pages offer me, I dedicate my heart and pen to you God” (May 12, Twitturgy)


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