Sacred Spaces 422– Comrades

3 June 2014

On Sunday, I joined my brother and some of our friends for a roadside breakfast and to support the runners doing the Comrades Marathon. We found a spot in Hillcrest.

I really enjoyed the vibe and really enjoyed reading out the runner’s names and cheering and encouraging them. I can only imagine how it must feel to have people’s shouting your name in support. (Two years ago, I did the Amashova Cycle Race and back then I did also appreciate people cheering me on.)

Many of the runners were so thankful for us “even as strangers” to hear their name spoken out coupled with encouragement. Some managed to respond a thank you under tired breaths.

Standing roadside and witnessing all this support, I felt that this was a glimpse of humanity at its best. People supporting fellow comrades.


For about an hour that morning I had to whizz off to church to be there for the teenagers; in case any were going to be there. (Because of the main road in Hillcrest being blocked off for the Marathon) access to some churches proved difficult.

Church was empty. Hardly anyone was there. I thought to myself. It would have actually been better if we as a community joined the wider community and had breakfast roadside and cheered on the runners.

I think Jesus would have definitely liked that too.


“For I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4: 13


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