Sacred Spaces 423– Prayer for Brazil

9 June 2014

World Cup Soccer starts in 3 days! Woohoo! Who else is excited for this?
I wrote a prayer for it:



Dear God
We lift up Brazil to you over the next few weeks as they
Host an incredible sporting event: World Cup 2014
We pray for a unity among the Brazilians and a sense of national pride.
(I remember all too well, that feeling we had, when our country (South Africa) had the privilege of hosting the same event.)
We pray for bridges of reconciliation among the locals of that country that they may truly believe in that logo:
“We are Brazil”

We pray for their economy.
That local business will thrive
And we pray too that… with that extra income in the various hosting cities;
That the powers that be, would use it wisely to alleviate local poverty.

We pray too for the visitors to Brazil.
That they will be kept safe
That they would appreciate the beautiful opportunity of experiencing a different culture
And seeing new things in their life journey.

We pray for the players in the tournament;
That they would play to the best of their ability.
We pray to keep them from any serious injuries.
We pray that they carry a sense of appreciation for their skills
And their health and physical ability
To play the beautiful game of football.

God, we pray against the evil that lurks behind the publicity of the World Cup
The young girls (as young as 14) who are prostituted out.
We pray for the authorities to catch anyone involved in the sick perversions
Of child sex slavery
And prostitution.
We pray you make the police alert to these dangers that lurk just around the corners (sometimes literally)

We pray for any loneliness and brokenness behind the spotlights
Of the event
That you would send people to help comfort those in need
And who long to be “seen.”

So thank you God for all that you do in the world.
We are excited to celebrate the unity that such an event brings.
Let us celebrate diversity
Let us cross racial and culture barriers
Let reconciliation and peace reign
Let us sing songs of freedom and love

In Jesus name, I pray


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