Sacred Spaces 426– Cold

8 July 2014

As I climbed into bed last night, I felt a cold chill run through my body. I am currently house-sitting. The house has wooden floors and with the lack of sunshine over the last two days the building hasn’t been warmed up. I’m even wearing chav pants (tracksuit pants). It’s freezing in here.

But as I covered myself with a duvet and a blanket and felt my body warm up; I couldn’t help but think of those less fortunate than ourselves.

There are people in my country (South Africa) and elsewhere that shiver the whole night through. Just imagine being that cold.

There are people who live in shacks who are always protected by the cold winds. Imagine feeling constantly cold.

The problem is huge! There are people and organizations which are helping and meeting their needs. It’s a start at least. And we’re thankful for the difference that is made in each person’s/family’s life.

But I just want to remind those, who are warm at night… to be appreciative for what you have.


Thought 2:

I then think of our singing on Sunday at church.
Our minister joined the evening band.
I couldn’t help but smile during the whole time.

He came in and brought such a free dynamic to the singing. It was all haphazard and not so structured. YET I loved it so much! 🙂

He apologized to the church for not “being well practiced.”
But he really didn’t have to.

What Sunday night had was joy; and that’s what singing to God requires?
Thankful and alive people appreciating their God, right?

Have a good week!


“With fire to keep us warm
and tools we made from rocks and bones
A roof over your head
and walls to keep you safe in bed” Dave Matthews Band


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