Sacred Spaces 432– Hide and Seek

19 August 2014

On Saturday I played hide and seek. We organised a braai (barbeque) with our church’s confirmation group.
Near the end of the evening I had this idea to play hide and seek. I had so much fun!
I pondered this:

Perhaps there is a few things we can learn from the game of hide and seek.

Let your clothes get dirty.

There had been drizzling rain earlier that evening so the ground was a little damp. But that didn’t stop me from sitting or lying properly on the ground. I didn’t care that I had “fresh clothes” on.
What would it matter if I got mud stains on my trousers and hoody?

It wouldn’t matter. Perhaps in approaching life we could “let go” and “not care too much about the dirt.”

Not all darkness is scary.

Hear me out here! When hiding, and “quietening” myself; I didn’t find the dark so daunting. In fact, it was quite peaceful. I was “hiding away” from everyone. Being on my own didn’t frighten me. The darkness didn’t loom over me.

Maybe, we can learn to be more still in our lives?

Learn to adjust your eyes.

When I got to the dark patches of the garden. I waited a bit and allowed my eyes to adjust to the darkness. Then I could see things better.

In life, perhaps we need to just let out eyes adjust?

What sounds do you hear?

I noticed once I had stilled myself, adjusted my eyes, and shut off the world and just hid. I heard different sounds. (Yeah, at this point some may say, they hate all the “scary” sounds that seem to come out.)

But there are also good sounds. The night jars or the humming of the earth. (Difficult to articulate that in words.)

Perhaps, life is NOISY… filled with the wrong noise. Is there something deeper we can listen out for?
And the last thought:

When last have you played?

Sometimes I think too much. Sometimes I am a far too serious guy. When last have you just played? Playing hide and seek… was awesome! 🙂


And perhaps I could put this verse here where God is “seeking”

“The eyes of the LORD search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.”  2 Chronicles 16:9


“I’ve been crawling in the dark looking for the answer
Help me carry on
Assure me its okay to use my heart and not my eyes
To navigate the darkness.” Hoobastank


3 thoughts on “Sacred Spaces 432– Hide and Seek

  1. says:

    This remind me of Emily she loves hiding and same for Grand Mere
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