Sacred Spaces 435– Neighbour

9 September 2014

On the weekend, my mom came to visit me for the evening.
We decided to have a braai (barbeque) because the weather was good and we just felt like doing that.
While we waited for the fire to be hot enough to cook the meat, my neighbour arrived home.
My mom and I, both felt compelled in our spirits to ask Thabo to join us.
I knocked on his door and said that we would like him to join us.
He said he didn’t have any meat. I said that doesn’t matter. You’re going to share with us.

If one could quantify gratitude, then in that moment, that’s what I experienced. I could see was grateful. For the company and the meal.
He told us he was wondering what he was going to cook.
And that our invite was a timely one.

We enjoyed each other’s company.
He and I even watched some of the AFCON qualifiers (football) after the meal.

And you know what, Thabo is a Mormon. (Hear all the “oooh’s!”)
But beliefs don’t belong in that scene.
We were just neighbours sharing a meal.

And I have a feeling, my mom and I were living out the goodness of a God. And humanity.
Enough said.


IsiZulu saying: “Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu
Translation: “A person is a person through (other) persons.”


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