Sacred Spaces 437– Dear Teenager (Some observations)

1 October 2014

(This may be an observation of younger lives than those who usually read this.  But perhaps you will still learn something from what I have written.)

I went away with our confirmation group this past weekend.  We stayed in a lovely house tucked away at the end of a cul-de-sac.  Over the weekend we did some sessions and also went exploring to the beach and even an abandoned convent.  We shared meals together and some laughter.  Here are some thoughts I had after observing the teens over the weekend:


Dear Teenager,


You are colourful.  You are creative.

Each of you are unique in who you are.  There is such diversity among you.  You have the ability to add colour to other’s lives.  Are you willing to do that?

You have the ability to accomplish tasks well.  As some of you teamed up to prepare meals, I loved the teamwork and creativity you expressed while you cooked.


You have the ability to hold a good conversation.  Over the weekend I had the privilege of chatting with some of you.  We spoke on a deeper level.  Not just the usual surface chit chat.  I am moved by the depth you have inside of you.

You have potential.  I tried looking at each of you as God would; and I felt that He would see how much potential you each have.  You are going to the offer the world something amazing.  In fact, some of you can even do that right now.  Will you bring about light and love to the world around you?


On the flip side; I did notice some things that I would challenge you on:


Listen to instructions.  I found that you’re not always good at listening to what is expected and asked of you.  For example: On the list for the weekend; you were told to pack your bibles.  Less than half of you followed that instruction…

Life doesn’t always have to be noisy.  There is no such thing as awkward silence!

Since when is silence a bad thing?  I noticed as soon as you awoke, you would be playing some music.  You seemed to need to fill the morning stillness with noise.


Tidy up after yourself.  Live to serve.  (Not the other way around!)

I assumed a lot of you have domestic workers (maids) and/or you have parents running after you at home.  Learn to be tidy and clean up after yourself.  What an incredible quality to have and carry into adulthood.

Greet people.  We had Phume who came to clean the house for us.  She kindly made your beds and washed our dishes.  But I did observe how many of you didn’t seem to pay attention to her.  Or greet her.  Don’t ever think of yourself as “better” than someone else.

In fact, Jesus said something… the greatest among you are the ones who serve.  That is a revolutionary approach to life!  Do it.


Thank you for a good weekend.

God is doing things behind the scenes, I pray.






“You are more.” Tenth Avenue North




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