Sacred Spaces 438– 3D versus 4D and Identity


15 October 2014

“We’re not supposed to create our identity. But rather discover it and embrace it.”

Tucked away in what seemed to be the middle of the Eastern Cape, 30 kilometres from Grahamstown, at a place called Assegaai Trails, a few youth pastors and I sat circle in a lounge type venue.  The minister leading us on our week retreat started with that statement:

“We’re not supposed to create our identity. But rather discover it and embrace it.”

That resonated so deeply within me.
I think of how so often churches can speak about “creating yourself”
Or you read those annoying book titles in Christian bookstores “seven healthy habits to become a better you” (Some nonsense like that!)

We’re constantly flooded with the message: You gotta make yourself!
That statement that evening got me thinking a lot.

God made me a certain way.  He wired my personality in a certain way that I can be BEAUTIFULLY ME and you, BEAUTIFULLY YOU:

professional-identity (Medium)

Psalm 139 speaks of God seeing and knowing us in our mother’s womb.

He “knitted” us together.


Maybe it’s time to stop being a product of your school.

Or stop being a product of what society expects.


It’s time to embrace YOU.


“My life path is unique.  It’s not meant to be the same as others.  Thank God!”


So maybe it’s time for us to GO to God and discover WHO He has made us to be.



One More Thought:


(A while back I watched a DVD where they suggested that there are 9 dimensions or reality.  That’s a lot!  But for the sake of my thought, I’m not going to go that high.)


3D vs 4D:


This is how I view life and those who are not “interested” or “don’t believe” in God.

They’re living out a 3 dimensional life.  And if that works for them.  Then great, we can let them be.


But I know for sure there is a 4th dimension.  And in knowing that we as believers know there is far more to life than just what we see and feel and hear.  There is another dimension.  There is God.


And living with that extra dimension are we not living FULLER lives?  I’d like to think so.  3D would bore me!  I want MORE.  I sense in my bones that there is more…




“O Lord, you have searched me and you know me.

You hem me in, before and behind.

For you created my inmost being, you knit me together.” Psalm 139


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