Sacred Spaces – Unconstructed Faith

22 October 2014

Sunday was such a good day!  Every now and then God arrives in a tangible way and reminds me of His presence and His ways…

OH WAIT!!! (No one stopped me, with that bad theology!)

God doesn’t just arrive sometimes.  He is always there.  The thing is, we become AWARE of Him.

It’s described well in the book of Acts “And the scales fell off my eyes.”  Aaah, I see clearly now.  Sunday, I had that moment.

So as I drove to church early that morning.  (I was an hour and half down the South Coast.)  I admired the power and beauty of the ocean.  I love seeing the sea.  There is something about it that tugs my heart strings.

Then at church, both in the morning and evening services a lot of the testimonies made me smile and realise God has done things despite me…  Beyond me.  Wow!

To confess (publicly, I guess.)  The Confirmation group has been tough this year.  I’ve not been sure if they learnt anything or have drawn closer to God.  But I think I am wrong.  Certain things that I didn’t think would stick out for the teens… really did. God has been pulling on their souls.  I am so thankful.  And humbled.

The main things I really like about my church are the community, the freedom to be and the ability to laugh.  I guess I can sum it up as “Unconstructed Faith.”

The evening service was an example of that.  We laughed through the mistakes.  (Oh, that sound of laughter.)  At the start of the service, the system crashed and needed to be rebooted.  So we altered the service on the spot.  To allow some time for the reboot.

Then I was reading the scripture on the screen and the words “disappeared.”

We laughed about it as I stuttered through with my poor remembering of scripture…

It’s really hard to capture the essence of that service.  But I liked it.  It was free.  It was unconstructed.  And God most definitely moved!

Then Linda (one of our young adults who is doing Confirmation) said this in her testimony:

“I used to see God and approaching Him as an intimidating high rise building.  But now I see Him as a park bench.  Where I can easily go and sit with Him.”  (My paraphrase)

park bench (Medium)

That resonated so much with me.

Will you sit on the park bench with God this week?


“As the heavens are higher than the earth; so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55: 9


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